War with Isis: Wounded Kurdish forces count the cost of battling militants in Syria

A squad of Syrian Kurdish fighters was ambushed as it advanced through a grove on the outskirts of a village held by Islamic State (IS) fighters near al-Hasakah in the Kurdish enclave in north-east Syria. Azad Judy, an 18-year-old Kurd, recalls: “We had divided into three groups that were trying to attack the village when we were hit by intense fire from behind and from the trees on each side of us.”

Azad, who comes from Nusaybin just across the border in Turkey, was hit by a single bullet in the spine. He says: “After being wounded, I tried to crawl away and then another fighter came and gave me first aid and an injection.” Azad is now lying in bed in the Shahid Khavat military hospital in the Syrian Kurdish city of al-Qamishli with a despairing look on his face because he may suspect that his legs are paralysed for ever and he will never walk again.

  • DD_Austin

    The Independant bringing you all the so called news that will, with a little logical thought, tell a far differient tale than they thought…

    In todays muslim propaganda piece you may infer

    Muslim Immigrants battling muslim terrorists*
    Muslim terrorists* battling muslim terrorists
    British immigrants* battling Muslim terrorists
    British newspapers betraying British people
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    British Government betraying British people

    The Syrian bombing campaign would be far more effect if they targeted

    the muslim terrorists at

    Independent Print Ltd
    2 Derry Street
    London W8 5HF
    United Kingdom
    020 7005 2000

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurdistan_Workers%27_Party

  • ontario john

    What’s this have to do with the most important news story of the century. Yes that’s right, homosexual sex. Forget about islam, the media knows whats important. No matter what form of media you turn to, its non-stop homosexual sex stories. Why the Sunday Star even has a story that homosexuality will result in the unification of Ireland now that the evil Catholic Church has been put in its place. I’m waiting for the story tomorrow that homosexuality can cure the common cold.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Hey, did you hear that Irish people everywhere, in all parts of the world, dropped what they were doing and hurried back to the Emerald Isle just so they could vote-in gay marriage?
      Isn’t that awesome?
      That’s what the BBC tells me to think.

    • Raymond Cameron

      I’m sure it can even defeat global warming…

    • Church in Somalia needs ‘dialogue’ following gay assassination

      MI5 says that Yusif Diriririr achieved union with the Creator when crazed jihadists opened fire on his motor vehicle.

      One of Ireland’s most senior Catholic bosses has called for the Church to take a “reality check” following the deaths of three workers from Somalia’s Transport Ministry in a separate drive-by inner struggle event on Saturday.

      The attacks in the crapital city came as a number of people were killed in more jihad mayhem between al-Shabangbang korandroid korangutangs and government humanoids in southern Somalia.

      I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We consider Jihad as the best deed.” The Prophet said, “The best Jihad for bitches is Hajj Mabrur. ”

      Da Po-lice sa Mr Diririr had been killed when rabid korangotangs in a minivan blocked his route and sprayed the car with holy retribution for the kuffar.

      The first homo marriages are now likely to take place in the early autumn.

      “He was a man that has long served his country and, optimist that he was, wanted to see a civilized Somalia,” said speaker of parliament Satan Oswald Adolf.

      Local rags said that another MP had also been wounded in the incident and was in hospital.

      There was no immediate claim of iresponsibility but the killings are the latest in a string of assassinations of politicians by shape-shifting shirtlifters in the pislam-infected and war-torn shithole.

      Al-Shabang, which is affiliated to Islamic State, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Satan, Hitler, Pol Pot, SMERSH and the US Democratic Party, has waged a series of attacks to try to overthrow what passed for civilization in this part of Africa.

      The referendum found 62% were in favour of changing the constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. Rev Dim Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, said the Church in Ireland needed to reconnect with young people by ignoring the Bible and going with the flow. “I mean, we have to deliver the spiritual product in a way that kids of all cultures can connect to, you know?”

      Moderate Satanic militants from the al-Shabang movement shot dead Abu Dhabi Qayad Barre near the Black House in February by opening fire on his insufficiently-bulletproof Mercedes.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Unifying the Kurds partitioned among different national jurisdictions would require skillful diplomacy. Who is up to it, at least at this time?

    • DD_Austin

      Skillful diplomacy drew those borders

      Sykes and Picot did a great job dividing the muslim tribes among states
      and bought 50 years of peacetime by doing it.

  • Surely the West will step it up.

    • Frau Katze

      I wouldn’t be so sure. Remember how Shia (brainwashed by Iran) detest the U.S. and won’t work with them. They want to do it on their own, they don’t want American help.