Violent clashes as ‘mentally ill’ Christian man ‘burns’ Quran in Lahore

Violent clashes erupted between police and a charged Muslim mob following reports that a “mentally challenged” Christian man had allegedly burnt the Holy Quran in Lahore’s Glushan Ravi area on Sunday evening.

According to initial information, Humayun Faisal, a middle aged Christian man was taken into custody on Sunday night after some locals of the area accused him of setting a copy of the Holy Quran on fire. Humayun was immediately charged under Section 295-B, which relates to Quran desecration, and was taken to the Gulshan Ravi Police Station.

Sources in the family and Humayun’s neighbourhood told Pakistan Today that Humayun was of unstable mind and his health condition was known to everyone in the locality.


This is another account of the same event…

Lahore: May 24, 2015. (PCP) The CTS, a Christian NGO led by Katherine Sapna reaches DhoopSaari and presents situation of Christian resident as very serious who are hiding in their homes and Muslim mob of thousands is pelting stones on homes of Christians and looting valuable from homes vacated by fleeing Christians to safe life.

According to media reports, Muslim mob have set on fire one Church and many homes of Christians in DhoopSaari while mentally ill Christian Youth alleged of burning Quran pages is also burnt alive.