The Vape Update

Just back from a Rhubarb run, got some homegrown from a friend and now I’m lookin forward to some pies.

Things are going well.

No slips this week like the one drag I had two weeks ago. I am sleeping better which surprises me.

The only down side so far has been the edema but even that is manageable currently.

The cravings are still there but at a much lower level than I had expected, It appears the nicotine dosage in the Vape juice is enough to keep the crazies at bay.

It’s now been 1 month of vaping and for all intents and purposes the last cigarette I had was two weeks ago.

That is a huge accomplishment for me to have managed if I do say so myself.

Thank you all for your help and encouragement. To show my appreciation, you get not 1 but 2 scantily clad Vapes.

vaper girls