The stunning story of the fall of Ramadi

In the past year and half we engaged in major battles. At times, ISIS targeted the Iraqi Army and police with 25 car bombs, yet our forces managed to fight back and repel the attacks.

But this time there was a major betrayal by the Special Operations command. This command was formed by the Americans during [former] prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and they carried the latest advanced weapons.

Two days prior to the ISIS attack we had accurate information that the Special Operations had packed up and abandoned their base in Ramadi.


More… Pentagon chief says Iraqis ran away from Ramadi despite outnumbering ISIS and have no ‘will to fight’

The Islamic State group’s takeover of Ramadi is evidence that Iraqi forces do not have the ‘will to fight,’ Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, in the harshest assessment yet from a high-ranking Obama administration official of Iraqi fighters and the loss of the provincial capital

Iraqi forces outnumbered their opposition in the capital of Anbar province, but failed to fight and pulled back from the city in central Iraq, Carter said on CNN’s State of the Union which aired on Sunday.

The Iraqis left behind large numbers of U.S.-supplied vehicles, including several tanks.