The bloody battle for Ramadi: Shocking footage shows violent clashes between ISIS and Iraqi forces in corpse-strewn streets of destroyed historic city

One Islamic State fighter holds up a uniform belonging to a slain member of Iraq’s Emergency Response Brigade

A new video reveals the ferocity of battling inside Ramadi as Iraq’s military desperately try to recapture the city from the clutches of ISIS.

The footage appears to show Islamic State fighters attacking government troops with automatic weapons and rocket launchers – and cruelly showing off identity cards of their slaughtered enemies.

It comes amid a small military victory for Iraq’s forces who reclaimed a small town from ISIS just east of Ramadi.

A coalition of government soldiers and Iranian-backed militia groups, who have amassed in the nearby Euphrates Valley, seized back Husaybah which lies four miles away….  (Lot of photos at the link)

unnamed-13The huge cache of weapons which ISIS seized after taking Ramadi suggests the terror group is prepared for a long battle

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    You’re looking at New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, etc., in just a few years. We have to start now if we’re going to change this inevitable future.

  • canminuteman

    “Shocking footage”, shocking to who? Only anyone who hasn’t been paying attention!

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      It’s just The Daily Mail’s style.

  • marty_p

    May both sides continue to win.

  • ontario john

    While islam is persecuting and murdering Christians, homosexuals, women and everyone else, where are the Western leftists? Well a group of leftist feminists are crossing the border into North Korea where they will be used for propaganda purposes, homosexuals are excited about democratic Ireland with the media giving non stop coverage, but homosexuals are murdered by islam, women are slaves and raped by islam, but who cares in the media? Socialism and islam, buddies in all matters.

  • Canadian

    There`s got to be an easier way for Obola to send weapons to ISIS.