Secret Halal certification charter signed in Mecca designed to spread Islam

Halal certification charter signed in secret in Mecca

“…“The intention was that a bank account would be created, a kitty, and these people would be the custodians of the fund,” one man told The Australian.

“They worked out the distribution formula and some of that money would go to the league. Whether that goes to their Australian office (in Melbourne) or back to Saudi Arabia, we do not know.”

The Australian has corrobor­ated this account with three un­related sources.

The US Central Intelligence Authority estimates the Saudis have spent almost $100 billion since the oil boom exporting their nation’s homegrown interpre­tation of Islam, which is based on an 18th-century revivalist preacher, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Their man in Australia has for years been Mr Khan, the guiding hand of hundreds of millions of Saudi dollars designed to influence the content and practice of Islam across the continent.

The Muslim World League is funded by the Saudi regime and Dr Turki has the ear of internal ­officials.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Grocery stores should put up signs reading No Halal Products Sold Here”.

    • canminuteman

      When you pick through the bacon looking for the perfect package, put the discarded ones in with the halal chicken. The muzzies won’t buy it, and no one else will give a fig. That being said, I never knowingly buy halal anything.

      • Ron MacDonald

        Never thought of that.

  • Surele Surele

    never buy it. ever.

  • canminuteman

    I’m sure it’s nothing, lets keep importing muslims. What could go wrong?

  • pop

    Every time you buy certified halal product you fund Islamic schools, Islamic humanitarian projects and terrorists.

  • pop