ISIL militants raise flag over citadel in Syria’s Palmyra: Report

This picture released on May 22 by the website of ISIL militants, shows the juhadists’ flag raised on the to top of Palmyra castle.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters have raised their flag over an ancient citadel in Syria’s historic city of Palmyra, pictures posted online overnight by the group’s supporters showed.

The militants seized the city, also known as Tadmur, after days of fierce fighting with the Syrian army on May 20.

“Tadmur citadel under the control of the Caliphate,” read a caption on one picture posted on social media sites. In another, a smiling fighter is shown carrying the black flag and standing on one of the citadel’s wall.

It was not possible to verify the pictures’ authenticity.

The group has declared an Islamic “caliphate” over territory it controls in Iraq and Syria, carried out operations in Libya and on Friday claimed a suicide bombing in a mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia…