Asylum Seekers, Beheaders and Mega Mosques One Month of Islam in Europe: April 2015

In Austria, a new report from the Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt) revealed that 34,070 illegal immigrants arrived in Austria in 2014, a 24% jump over 2013. Most of the migrants came from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea and Kosovo. More than half, roughly 20,750 of the migrants, hired smugglers to bring them to Austria; the remainder arrived on their own. More than two-thirds of the migrants arrived from Italy (51.6%) and Hungary (34.4%).

On April 7, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz called on the European Union to launch a military operation against the Islamic State. He also called for a crackdown on so-called foreign fighters in Europe. Kurz said: “We are a militarily neutral country, but in terms of the Islamic State, our position is clear: Humanitarian aid for the victims is necessary, but much more needs to be done.”

  • MRHapla

    Use a smuggler/coyote to get you in illegally? Fine. The host you’re trying to infest/invade gets to shoot to kill. Just like white corpuscles,,,,,,,,,,,,

    That will end this BS

  • k1962

    Well if he means more needs to be done militarily, then the Austrians should also be involved. Very easy to suggest everyone else do it for you because you are “neutral”.