Anti-Semitism in Malmö reveals flaws in Swedish immigration system

Siavosh Derakhti

“A Jew, I cannot believe that you cannot be a Jew in Sweden!” says Siavosh Derakhti.

The 23-year-old Muslim is the child of Iranian parents, refugees of the Iran-Iraq war. He has become a champion in the fight against anti-Semitism in Malmö, a town a little smaller than Halifax perched on the southern tip of Sweden.

Muslim immigrants, most with roots in the Middle East, make up nearly a third of Malmö’s population.

Cultural tension in the town has been building for years, much of it directed against the new immigrants, but anti-Semitism has also been rising. The Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles issued a travel advisory to Jews in 2010 – don’t go to Malmö. It reissued the warning last year.

Derakhti gets hate mail from the far-right and death threats from fellow Muslims…

I am glad that at least one Muslim is somewhat different. Yet, we must look at the overall picture. Certainly, taken as individuals, one can find many fine Muslims. But taken as a group, the majority are terrible immigrants.

I have noticed that many Iranians have been less problematic: their parents left because they did not want to live under a theocracy.

  • Tom Forsythe

    When the NAC had its “Iran – Land of Glory” exhibition, I went to protest. When I got there, I found myself among about 100 Iranian expats, who were also protesting the exhibit. One of the men I spoke with was the last surviving member of his family.

    Iranian exiles get it.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Many Iranians in Iran get it, but they are unable to organize an effective opposition in their police state.

  • Brian Hockersmith

    You don’t hear to many stories like this but thanks for sharing it really is nice to hear.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Malmo has become symbolic of everything dysfunctional about contemporary Sweden.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When Barbara Lerner is murdered by the same immigrants that she has been championing (as a means to destroy European cultural identity), then maybe Sweeden will have turned the corner.

  • Hard Little Machine

    ISIS will annex Sweden in about 2 years.