Winds of Jihad: Mohammed Omran’s Victimhood Theatre

Again, that lethal victimology. It’s our fault, you see:

In his adopted home of Wollongong, [Jordanian immigrant] Abu Ayman — as his friends know the sheik — was a young man at peace. … Australia’s most senior Salafist cleric says if he knew then what he does now, he wouldn’t have come at all [to Australia].

“If I knew that one day this would happen in Australia, I swear by the almighty God I will never step foot in my — in your — country,” he tells Inquirer from his office inside the Hume Islamic Youth Centre…

Omran gestures to his adult son Osama, who is quietly serving tea to the older men in the room. “He feels he is not wanted because his name is Islamic. Everyone gets devastated by that.”…

…Sheik Omran, also known as Abu Ayman, talking about Israel and others who allegedly oppress Muslims:

Why this (??) in Gaza? Why? Because of you. If we have real Muslims, no one dare to touch you. One Muslim and they get. If they know there are a thousand, million Muslims will send their men to defend their people who will try or even think about it?… That is the difference between the glory and humiliation…

Is Omran surprised that he is treated with suspicion?…

  • cmh

    someone should let the ragheaded fat jackass know it ain’t too late to relocate

  • P_F

    Go back to your cesspit you pig.

  • pdxnag

    Suppression of pious Muslims maniacal quest for political supremacy on all fronts is oppression, subjectively.

  • Alain

    Right and yet these same whiners insist on invading a Western country and refuse to leave.