Who was Somali suicide bomber Luul Dahir?

She was, by almost all accounts, a rather wonderful woman – smart, helpful, and engaging – and a familiar presence behind the old-fashioned wooden reception counter in the Central Hotel’s spacious lobby in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

“We made a really good connection. She was very attentive, and was doing her job very well. One government minister I knew was ready to offer her a job,” said a European official who sometimes stayed at the hotel in order to meet the many Somali politicians who had made it their home. He asked for his name not to be used for security reasons.

“She was a nice person, really talented,” confirmed the hotel manager and co-owner, Ahmed Ismail Hussein, of Luul Dahir, the Somali woman in her mid-30s whom he had hired four months earlier.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

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  • Petey

    She was crying, was she? For herself, not her victims, no doubt, the filthy b. Imagine the mindset of someone who thinks that blowing themselves into little bits of flesh for the purpose of indiscriminately murdering others, all in order to please some invisible, spiteful deity, is a desirable and sensible thing to do to. Imagine a society which holds such people in high esteem, commends and rewards their sociopathic/psychopathic actions.
    Sharia – the perfect system for humanity. Coming to a country near you.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When business schools teach auditing to accounting students, the message is invariably never to trust any individual in an organization, no matter how personally charming, with unchecked power over finances. With respect to terrorism, the same holds true.

  • cmh

    she wasn’t nice, she was a predatory, homicidal muslim

  • Xavier

    Just your garden variety moderate Moslem.

  • tamale

    she clearly was not **that** smart if she let herself get talked into conducting such perversion.