Useless Advice of the Day: ‘Jihadist narrative of Islam must be discredited among Muslims’

The war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Islamic State fighters — including gruesome executions, rapes and sexual enslavement as documented by the UN, not to mention the looting and destruction of ancient artefacts and World Heritage sites — are acts most people could imagine being perpetrated only by a pre-modern, uncivilised horde.

Imagine then how most Muslims feel, given that these acts are committed in the name and under the banner of Islam.

The Islam that we view on our television screens or read about in our newspapers, and that pops up in our news feeds, hardly corresponds with the way Islam is understood and practised by most Muslims, their lived experiences and the diversity of people, cultures and societies that comprise the Muslim world.

When Muslims say Islam is a religion of peace, they are sincere and genuinely conveying their lived experience.

Unfortunately, the well-documented atrocities, mass executions and heritage destruction are carried out by Islamic State in accordance with an interpretation of sharia based on precedents recorded in narrations attributed to Prophet Mohammed and his ­companions…

Why is it useless? Because it won’t happen. First, there is almost no interest in it among the Muslim nations of the world.

Second, even if an effort was made, past experience shows that some people simply won’t accept any changes to the ancient scriptures.

An example: Mormons were forced to give up polygamy in order for Utah to join the United States. And most of them did. But there was a group that refused, and as you know, they’re still with us today.

You can easily find books on the subject. We even have a colony of them here in BC. They don’t get the same publicity as ISIS because polygamy rarely generates violence.

The same thing would apply to Islam: the attraction of violence for a small percentage of the population (not all of them born Muslim) is simply too strong to resist.