UN Says Hungarian Questionnaire Risks Spreading Xenophobia

Of all the nerve, Hungarians! Here are your new citizens.

BUDAPEST, Hungary — The United Nations human rights watchdog said Friday it was “shocked” by a Hungarian government questionnaire which links migration with terrorism, fearing it could bolster anti-immigration sentiments.

“We are shocked by the Prime Minister’s introductory message, which suggests a link between migration and terrorist attacks, including the attack which took place in Paris in early January this year,” the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement. “We are also worried about the phrasing of some of the suggestive, leading questions, which actively promote hostility toward migrants and risk spreading xenophobia within the country.”

The “national consultation” being sent to Hungarian voters seeks to build political support for Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s rejection of immigration and for his call on the European Union to give individual countries more power to set their own immigration policies.

One of the questions asks voters whether they agree with the government that it should support “Hungarian families and children to be born” instead of immigration invasion…

  • The UN should learn to STFU.

  • WalterBannon

    The UN should be destroyed

  • Dana Garcia

    Why would anyone link diverse immigration and terror attacks? It’s not like Islam has a doctrine of immigration as conquest or anything, called Al Hijra.


    • Rosenmops

      It is a real mystery why anyone would think immigration had anything to do with terrorism. /s

  • kkruger71

    I’d say the UN is a complete joke except for the fact that they actually do have a lot of influence.

  • Hungary should just withdraw from the UN.

    • eMan14

      Not just them.

      • Imagine a massive walk-out.

        • eMan14

          It would be glorious.

          • To see Ban Ki-Moon’s face all twisted, furrowing his brow in vain to understand what he is seeing.

          • Brett_McS

            How would that be any different from his normal expression?

          • This one would have anguish on it.

        • Canadian

          I can!

    • Rosenmops

      We all should. It is a cesspit.

    • tom_billesley

      What did the UN do for Hungary in 1956?

    • MRHapla

      US first,,,we started the damn thing,,,we should be the one to end it,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Canada can help by leaving.

        • MRHapla

          mot so ‘United” now that the Europeans, North Americans, Australian/NZ left the club,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The UN is shocked, shocked that Hungarians won’t play Russian roulette with their nationhood.

    • Rosenmops

      What could possibly make Hungarians associate immigration and terrorism?? I’m mystified!

  • Martin B

    In the UN bubble: “We are shocked by the Prime Minister’s introductory message, which suggests a link between migration and terrorist attacks…”

    Meanwhile, in the real world, a migrant who hopped a boat to Italy has just been arrested for involvement in the massacre of 21 tourists in Tunisia:


    The entire UN needs to move to Pyongyang and stay there.

    • kkruger71

      “Come on, who are you going to believe, us or your own lying eyes?”

  • Brett_McS

    We should walk out of the UN and set up the AN: Anglospheric Nations (UK, US, Canada, Australia, and I suppose we would have to let NZ in).

  • Yeah.

    Part 4 of my 12-step plan, as outlined in How to Defeat the Islamic State

    4. International: A New Commonwealth

    Bloated international organisations, notably the UN and EU, have become almost completely infiltrated by Multiculturalism, Marxism and Islam, through organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and OIC.

    The UN and its ilk are now rabid defenders of Islamic assaults on liberty and equality. Free countries must turn their backs on any organisation that supports Islam.

    As countries succeed in implementing step 3, the elimination of traitors, Western nations en masse must ally in an explicitly counterjihad international organisation, a New Commonwealth, effectively taking the place of the UN and NATO The New Commonwealth should begin as a UN bloc, to challenge the OIC under international law, particularly regarding the actions and stated aims of Islam, and the contradictions between the UDHR and sharia. As this bloc grows, it will enable the definition of countries as jihadist, Muslim, Ikhlassian, dhimmi or free.

    The New Commonwealth will be the vehicle for international cooperation between free countries in practicing counterjihad. Members will gradually withdraw from active involvement with and funding of the UN, EU, NATO and any other international organisations that respect or support Islam. The New Commonwealth will initiate reform of international treaties such as those dealing with human rights, trade, migration, asylum, taxation and war. This reform will be based on the values described in chapter 39, Values and identity. The New Commonwealth will enable international coordination for steps 5 to 12.

    The question of membership for communist, oligarchic and non-Christian countries is simple. Any country that supports the values and authority of the New Commonwealth, through actions as well as words, will be welcomed.

    Once Islam has been defeated, The New Commonwealth will take the place of the United Nations.

    More here:

    • Fred_Z

      Your plan is much too long and complicated.

      My plan, all parts: Nuke. Them. All.

  • tom_billesley

    Hungarians have had to defend their identity whilst under Austrian, Turkish and Russian hegemony. I guess they won’t be browbeaten by the UN and EU.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Excepting Eger. That particular Hungarian town has never been ruled by anyone but Hungarians.

  • simus1

    The UN HQ should be up for grabs, hosted in various third world countries on a 10 year cycle, sort of modeled on the Olympics travel cycle. That way all the assorted dipsomats, VIP crooks and NGO do gooders/hangers on could get down to cases and see every day how their prescriptions to end poverty work in the real world.

    They could start off in Ulan Bator, perhaps followed by Port au Prince, then Caracas,
    Sofia, and Hanoi for the first half century. The next half century could be various African cities or if that seems to lack variety, interleave them with the nominees slated for the first fifty years.

    • MRHapla


  • Hard Little Machine

    The second or third largest political party, the Jobbiks are openly Nazi. What does anyone expect?