RCMP made serious mistakes during Ottawa shooting: sources

CTV News has learned of serious mistakes by RCMP officers when shots rang out on Parliament Hill last October.

The new details shine light on what happened in those terrifying hours after Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was fatally shot at the National War Memorial, and Parliament Hill was stormed just moments later.

In one case, a Mountie fled Parliament Hill, running the opposite way as gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed the Centre Block, according to sources.

Before that, an officer was texting on his phone and didn’t notice as Bibeau drove by in a vehicle he had commandeered.

And even after gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was killed by then-Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, a Mountie unloaded his firearm into Bibeau’s body.


Well let’s just put that last one down to enthusiasm.

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    Speaking of Ottawa and the recent shooting, it’s race weekend in Ottawa and the ROP has had it’s desired effect on the city security officials. Here’s the story: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/race-weekend-ottawa-police-will-be-on-heightened-alert

  • Brett_McS

    One magazine of bullets is a lot cheaper than a dragged out court case.

    • tamale

      …and then notwithstanding conviction, out on bail & living at lawyer’s house & getting ready to pounce again….


  • Clink9

    “In one case, a Mountie fled Parliament Hill, running the opposite way as gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed the Centre Block”

    I’m guessing a politically correct hire on that one.

    • Frances

      Obviously didn’t get the message that part of the job description is “stand into danger” when required. However, the civilians attending Cpl. Cirillo had no hesitation, even though not part of their job description.

      • Clink9

        Hey, I’m busy over here.

  • Glenfilthie

    “Well let’s just put that last one down to enthusiasm”
    No, let’s make that one standard operating procedure with moslem vibrants. We have enough vibrant scum like Omar Khadr as it is.

    • T.C.

      When the videos of the cops going after that savage at the Jewish Supermarket in France first came out, it was quite noticable that they dragged the body of that animal back into the market – out of sight from the street – as people were streaming out. This was followed by the sound of three more shots. Unfortunately I can’t find the full length of that video on the internet anymore…
      I agree. It should be standard operating procedure when dealing with mooselimbs who go all snackbar. According to their cult beliefs its what they want. We should give them what they desire.

  • FactsWillOut

    By cracking down on gun-owners, the RCMP, indeed our entire domestic security apparatus makes us less safe.

  • pike bishop

    I still have not heard where he got the 30/30 and where he kept it hidden if he was living in a shelter.

    • Clink9

      I thought when it happened they said the gun was legally owned.

      • FactsWillOut

        The idea of an “illegally” owned gun is part of a tyranny.
        The only “illegally” owned guns are stolen, but that’s natural law, as opposed to the BS foisted upon us by our owners.

        • Clink9

          Whether we agree with, or comply with the gun laws in Canada, they exist.

          And the other side can still use those laws and their private army to do some harm. Just sayin’.

          • FactsWillOut

            Whether we agree with, or comply with the gun laws in NAZI Germany, they exist.

            And the other side can still use those laws and their private army to do some harm. Just sayin’.


            What we need is a true militia.

          • Clink9

            So go ahead. I’m not the enemy.

  • DD_Austin

    While processing all seven, in this instance number 3, 4, and 5 get a good
    showing by our government employees, Socialist Social engineering at it’s best.

    1. Lust
    2. Gluttony
    3, Greed
    4. Sloth
    5. Wrath
    6. Envy
    7. Pride

  • cmh

    the rcmp should be disbanded.

    • El Martyachi

      No. Reformed.

      • DD_Austin

        No, recycled

        into pony ride operators, running “musical” rides is the only
        thing they didn’t manage to totally fuck up

        • El Martyachi

          As unchallenged emperor-for-life of Canada, my reform plan would definitely include an RCMP penance as pony ride operators.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        But not by Preston Manning.

      • FactsWillOut

        No, abolished.

  • Alain

    The problem was that Zehaf-Bibeau wasn’t driving without a seatbelt or appeared to be using his mobil while driving. The RCMP would have been on him like white on rice.

  • tamale

    At the end of the day, justice was served.

  • I appreciate that police officers have a difficult job but what the hell do they train for?

    • FactsWillOut

      Their job isn’t as dangerous as they make it out to be.

      You don’t hear coal miners and line-men whining about how dangerous their job is.

      • All of those jobs are dangerous.

        I wouldn’t want some drug-dealer blowing me away with a shotgun.

        As the cops here, I wonder if they are worth their salaries.

        • FactsWillOut

          If a drug dealer wants to blow you away with a shotgun, the cops cannot stop them. You could, provided you are armed.

  • Dave

    In our little town of about 4000 people, there has been a huge increase in vandalism, B&E’s, theft from vehicles, theft of vehicles and open drug dealing. We have an rcmp station in town too. But guess what, the only place you’re going to find a cop is cruising the highway looking for the dreaded speeder.

    • FactsWillOut

      The RCMP is a revenue generation/monopoly protection racket.

    • Alain

      Pretty much the same where I live. Yet they claim they do not have enough money and resources to which I say bull.

      • FactsWillOut

        Like when they said they had the resources to confiscate folks passports, but not surveille them?

        Basically, the RCMP said “We stopped them from leaving and let them loose on Canadians”.

  • Tokenn

    Only a very few cops of any stripe are trained to be gunfighters…mostly they are tasked as gun-carrying bureaucrats. Back in the day when I did my police training, my class spent far more time on how to fill out the various forms our job required than anything resembling tactical training. If jihad really takes off in Canada, it will be a great deal worse before it gets better…

  • Gary

    I pointed out in a video that Security forces were hiding behind pillars and slowly making their way up the hallway when other Cops were ahead of following the shooter about to slaughter innocent people.

    Diversity quotas will get us killed because Cops have been reduced to an Employment equity wing of the Government in power to make for a good Pr Poster pre-elections , plus appease minorities that used to be unable to meet the old Standards where the good salary was from the risks knowing you must put yourself between the crook and the Public.
    Reminded me of Peter Sellers from Strangelove where he yells at the soldier to shoot the lock of the Coke machine for the change to make a call , the soldier looks stunned and Sellers reminds him that that’s what the bullets are for you twit .

    It will be a sad day when the Fire Trucks show up at a burning house and they wait for someone to come and put it out because IT’S dangerous and they could get hurt.
    ” Use the hose you twits, THAT’S what the waters for !!! ” .