Priest ‘kidnapped in Homs’ region of Syria

An Assyrian woman prays at a church in Damascus at a Mass for Christians abducted by ISIS (Photo: CNS)

A priest of the Syriac Catholic Church in the western Syrian city of Homs was kidnapped Thursday along with one of his colleagues, the NGO l’Oeuvre d’Orient told AFP Friday.

Father Jacques Mourad was seized with another Christian originating from Aleppo, who was helping the priest.

“The priest was kidnapped by three masked people in the early afternoon at his Mar Elian Monastery in the town of Qaryatayn, while he was preparing to welcome an expected influx of refugees from Palmyra,” said the NGO, referring to the central Syrian city which was recently captured by the Islamic State group.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that “two men, at least one of them a priest,” were kidnapped by armed men “near Qaryatayn, in the Homs province”…

  • That is not good news.

  • Hey, how is that degrading thing going?

  • Frances

    Special prayers for Fr Mourad – all I can do from this end.

    • Frau Katze

      One feel helpless watching this from a distance.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    That ought to send a message to nearby Christians, in his congregation or otherwise.

    Or, as Muhammad the Inventor of Islam once said…

    “I have been made victorious through terror.”

    Each new day brings new reasons to hate the Islamic ideology.

    Good Luck to the Priest and fuck isis and all of their supporters.