“How much dirtier can Kathleen Wynne get?” Premier blocks TVO documentary about her

It’s not wrong when Liberals do it! Ontario’s Liberal premier is blocking the release of a documentary that is critical of her.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It was clearly going to be homophobic so had to be stopped!

    • mauser 98

      yes………. clearly

  • mauser 98

    Premier Strapon can dish it out…can’t take it

  • Clink9

    She is Rat Woman.

  • Waffle

    You guys have very short memories — back in the “good old days” when the Lieberal dictatorship was young, Dolton didn’t like Steve Paikin at TVO’s Agenda shining the spot light on him,so Steve threw his co-host Paula Todd under the bus, he muzzled himself and he got to keep his job. I can’r remember the details but I do recall that it was quite a messy business.

    • Gary

      Between all the CRTC banned Word or Topics and the bias Liberal Party media, I no longer trust a word the Radio hosts say or what the msm newspapers print .
      Lets face it, gays and muslims can spew lies and hatred on TV and the Radio because they go unchallenged since the CRTC can deem a factual statement as hate-speech bias and get you banned form the Air waves.

  • Edubeat

    Yeah of course Backdoor Benny Levin was her producer/director

  • tamale

    no surprise here.

  • DMB

    Don’t worry Ireland just voted to legalize gay marriage so everything is a.o.k.!