Greek hospitals cannot afford painkillers, scissors or sheets as budget cuts bite

Greek hospitals have run out of supplies such as painkillers, scissors and sheets as swingeing budget cuts have left the health service unable to provide even basic provisions for operations and medical procedures.

Huge cuts to the healthcare budget, amid the economic turmoil which made millions unemployed, have left than 2.5m Greeks uninsured, up from 500,000 in 2008, the Times reported.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    They cant? few years ago they were getting their retirement at age of 45,the EU should let them go,no time to finance lazy people anywhere.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hippocrates is spinning in his grave, wherever that is.

    • tom_billesley

      Somewhere near here (Larissa, Thessaly) or here (Larissa, Thessaly).
      I know which I’d prefer.

  • ontario john

    Another socialist success story. But I’m sure the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Alberta will be a true success.

  • Deficit spending, sooner or later has to stop.

    And the economic house of cards crumbles.


  • Frau Katze

    There is money in the country, but many people are not paying taxes. It’s basically a third-world country.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Now we’re going to get a bunch more crappy Greek restaurants.
      That lovely patina of grease,

  • Hard Little Machine

    So what? They can just move to another EU country.

  • k

    Let this be a lesson to all…
    If YOU cheat…
    then the next guy feels THEY can cheat
    and before long..
    YOU have a failed State
    Honesty really is the best policy
    … and holding PEOPLE TO ACCOUNT IS A MUST!