Canadian Journalist Francois Bugingo Suspended, Accused of Fabrication

Canada’s 98.5 FM suspended Francois Bugingo after news outlet La Presse accused him of widespread fabrication.

“Mr Bugingo is suspended for the moment,” Christine Dicaire, the director of communnications for 98.5FM told iMediaEthics by e-mail. “We will try to clarify this situation in the upcoming days. We will not be making any further comments for the moment.”

La Presse accused Bugingo of having “invented from scratch” stories.

For example, Bugingo wrote for Journal de Montreal last year that he was in Misrata, Libya wanting an execution, but “the problem is that Francois Bugingo has never set foot in Misrata,” La Presse reported.

  • David

    “they have the potential to affect the credibility of the journalistic profession.”

    What credibility?

  • Petey

    Bugingo “wrote … that he was in Misrata, Libya [watching an execution] … but ‘Francois Bugingo has never set foot in Misrata,’. Picky, picky.

  • Petey

    He’s African not Canadian. He just happens to have Canadian citizenship for convenience.

    When you bring in people from the third world, communist and so called ex communist countries, where corruption, fraud and cronyism are endemic, what do you expect?

    • Waffle

      Nice try, but it started a long time ago right here in Canada. I think its etiology was when we dropped provincial standards for both teachers and students (late 60s). A few years back I ran into a fellow I had gone to high school with. He was then a secondary school teacher. He plagiarized shamelessly — didn’t even realize what he was doing and saw nothing wrong with it.

      Ever since they started encouraging “creative writing” at the expense of everything else (grammar, punctuation) none of us should be terribly surprised that today’s “journalists” make up stuff. And to save money, a lot of conventional publications no longer have fact checkers.

  • Alain

    Journalists telling lies and fabricating “news”? Surely that can’t be.

  • Frances

    Ah, but he was always there ‘in spirit’. That should be good enough.