Barbara Kay: Rape culture’s biggest victim may be honesty and truth

Does the Guinness Book of World Records have a category for persistence in carrying a mattress around a university campus? If they did, Emma Sulkowicz, who has just graduated from New York’s Columbia University, would doubtless be the record holder. Whether she deserves praise for it or not is another issue.

Sulkowicz carried the mattress – she called it an art project — to shame Columbia University for its alleged failure to properly address her claim that she was the victim of a sexual assault, and to raise awareness for the alleged scourge of sexual assault on campuses everywhere.

h/t Marvin

  • mobuyus

    Dragging around that mattress only makes her look like the county mattress.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Has Mattress Girl or UVA gang-rape hoaxer Jacquie Coakley received even the slightest wisp of criticism from feminists for their antics? A couple of mentally unstable attention whores managed to trivialize the supposedly epidemic problem of campus rape, and the radfems’ response is……((((crickets chirping))))

    • I hope both get sued.

      • Uncle_Waspy

        It might be premature to say the young womyn in question probably will not be sued. But the university officials — not just those involved in these two cases, but in campuses across the country — will be shitting bricks if the Mattress Girl accused is successful in his lawsuit against the University of Columbia.

        Now, the student whom she accused, Jean-Paul Nungesser, has sued the university because it didn’t shield him from harassment although no charges were ever presented against him.

    • roccolore

      Remember how long it took to clear the Duke lacrosse players of a rape that never happened.

  • tom_billesley

    Carrying a mattress. Isn’t that entrapment?

  • barryjr

    She must have been a girl scout she’s always prepared. Never know when or where your next client will show up.

  • roccolore

    There is no rape culture. There is a rape HOAX culture.

    • Alain

      These bimbos do not know what a rape culture is, so as part of their learning experience they should be sent to visit an Islamic country.

  • The sad thing is that rape does exist and no one really wants to address it. British authorities actively covered up child sexual abuse. The “basic dictatorship of China” allows the sexual abuse of North Korean women and broads like Gloria Steinem don’t care:

    No one cares about these actual incidences of rape and abuse.

    But if ONE broad carries around a mattress, well stop the presses!

  • Xavier

    Have you seen her texts? Begging her accused rapist, after the supposed rape, for anal sex doesn’t exactly inspire credibility.

  • Editor

    Note she calls it an “art project”. That may eventually be useful in court.