Turkey: Mall in Bursa cancels opening of Christian and Jewish prayer rooms after attacks

A recently opened mall in the İnegöl district of western Bursa province has canceled the opening of its prayer rooms for Christian and Jewish visitors after being subjected to intolerant attacks, the mall’s founding president has said in a written statement.

Mobiliyum AVM, a large furniture mall opened in İnegöl on May 9, hosts around 200 domestic furniture producing firms and aimed to bring furniture producers under one umbrella.

The mall was to include prayer rooms for Christian and Jewish visitors as well as Muslims, though the rooms had not been opened as they were still being readied.

However, the mall decided to cancel the opening of the prayer rooms for Christian and Jewish visitors, Haluk Özbek, the mall’s founding president, said in a written statement…

…Özbek also told daily Hürriyet the attacks were caused by a lack of tolerance…

And yet how many reports have I read from Turkey whining about ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe? I could not count them. There seems to be one or two every week.

  • This is proof that Islam is a religion of peace.

  • Gary

    Barbara Hall will rue the day she supported McGuinty and Wynne’s Liberals to give Muslims a Mosque in the two Public schools for Friday services where Imam’s spew quranic hatred for Canada and the Jews.

    The real dolt is the Jewish lesbian Susan G Cole that was on the 640 am radio show last Thursday and told David Menzie that she supports all faiths having a prayer space in a public school.
    What a load of BS by someone that will be among the first ones killed under Sharia law in Canada , Susan Cole knows how prone muslims are to violence and jihad because she blamed Pam Geller for provoking the two devout Muslim terrorists that went JIHAD to slaughter people in Garland Texas but failed.
    Cole knows that Muslims at the Valley Park Public school don’t use a little room to pray , it’s a MOSQUE on Friday which she would never agree to if Christians demanded a Church to hold weekly services .
    The Rainbow warriors hate Christians and will never spew the same level of filth and hatred at Muhammed and muslims as they do to Jesus and Christians , which the NDP and many Liberals do as well even though Trudeau, Martin, Chretien , Turner and McGuinty are Catholics and infers that Catholics aren’t Christians.

    • Alain

      I agree except that I seriously doubt that Hall or Cole will ever admit their errors. That just doesn’t happen with this crowd.

  • Alain

    But but but the problem is “islamophobia”, we just must get with the program. Seriously what else can one expect from Muslims?

    • Frau Katze

      This is just what I expect.