The Rising Cost Of Islam: Muslim Thought Likely To Commit Murderous Act Of Islam Signs 1 Year Peace Bond

CHARLOTTETOWN — A man accused of having enough castor beans to produce a “substantial quantity” of the deadly toxin ricin signed a 12-month peace bond today in Charlottetown.
Amir Raisolsadat was arrested last month after the Mounties applied for a peace bond under the Criminal Code.

The peace bond includes several conditions including that he remain in Prince Edward Island.

Information sworn in provincial court indicates that the RCMP “fears on reasonable grounds” that the 20-year-old man will commit a terrorism offence.

So the RCMP has to keep tabs on this guy for a year at minimum.

Now how much has this entire process cost the tax payer from detection to peace bond?

Was there surveillance etc, involved in his apprehension?

It all adds up pretty quickly.


  • FactsWillOut

    We need a “taxpayer relief” squad.

  • WalterBannon

    How is this protecting the public?

    Either label him as a dangerous offender and toss him in prison for life with no parole, or else strip him of citizenship and deport him to what ever Muslim country his parents came from.

    Anything less than these two options and the govt is criminally liable for reckless endangerment of the public.

    • Waffle

      Walter, is he a citizen or is he one of those foreign students paying high fees to yet another university that has whored itself?

    • Soon there’ll be a small army of these nutters walking around.

      • WalterBannon

        there already are…

    • k

      I AGREE ^_^!

  • mobuyus

    We were supposed to enjoy a “peace dividend” with the fall of the berlin wall and the dissolution of the USSR. Now we spend billions and billions every year to stop assholes from trying to blow-up airplanes with their gaunchies or sneakers. I used to love the ease of flying, not anymore. I refuse to be herded like sheep in an airport. The police station near my home seems to be almost shuttered, to gain entry there is an inter-com at the front door. All scarce resources seem to be going to babysitting a certain death cult that demands more and more of us and shits and spits on us daily, and frankly I tire of these insipid parasites and their incessant howling for more of our hard earned desserts. As a country there are many things we can just not afford, the elephant in the room ,or shall I say the camel in the room will become an albatross around all our and our children’s necks. Something must be done and sleep-walking with Saudi money in our pockets is not the answer.

  • ontario john

    A peace bond? Yeah that will work.

    • Alain

      Let’s see. He has no respect for our non Muslim laws and culture, but we can expect him to respect a peace bond?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This sounds like a comedy skit playing up the stereotypes of the RCMP.
    A peace bond?
    A peace bond!?
    Come on!