Swedish Newspaper Names Stockholm’s Top Islamic State Recruiter

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – According to information obtained by the newspaper, 30-year-old Bille Ilias Mohamed has helped at least 14 young men and women join the ISIL in Syria.

“He is there himself now, and recruitment continues,” a source familiar with the situation said. “I got a text message last summer, where he told me they were a large group who left.”

Those who traveled to Syria with Mohamed’s help are said to be in their 20s and members of the same Islamic group in northern Stockholm.

  • mobuyus

    Tell them they will just have to be patient. There is a glut of suicide asshole-clowns now and apparently a waiting list for martyrdumb operations. Their only hope in the interim is to do a self martyrdumb op, like maybe jumping in front of a fast train or jumping off a high building. This would surely please allah, and have residual effect amongst the jubilant population.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m guessing their top recruiter is the Swedish government.

    • Desmond Baker

      The guy was convicted in lower court for planning to be a suicide bomber, and was recorded on phone arguing with his wife over his 72 concubines.

      He was then freed in higher court, because of ”lack of evidence”, and the Swedish capitol hired him as security guy with passing cards and keys to every bit of Stockholm’s railroad system (underground and overground).

      And now he is a jihadi in Syria and the security services think he is Stockholm’s top ISIS recruiter…

      How in Allah’s name could he get such an employment?!

  • The Phantom

    How is it a problem these assholes are in Syria? The Swedish government should issue a plane ticket, an AK47 and 100 rounds of Russian surplus ammo to every mother’s son that wants to go.

    Just be sure they understand it’s a one way trip.