“Sid Ryan, shame on you”: Leaked documents raise new concerns about OFL finances

Union leaders have been fighting a new law that would force them to disclose how dues money is spent.

  • Gary

    I remember when Ryan was on the Coren TV (CTS) show and he tried to boast about the Public Unions fights for workers Rights and the end to racism. Except that Sid talked about the rampant overt racism he saw when he came to Canada because during a job Interview with HR it seems that the Employee told Sid that we don’t hire Ni****’s here to assure Sid he be among White’s.
    Sid didn’t refuse the job with them , he was like John Kerry that did NOTHING in Vietnam when Kerry said there was racist crimes going on as he saw troops murder civilians.
    Kerry and Ryan can’t be the hero in hindsight to now claim that opposed racism when they chose to condone it by their silence at the time to protest it .
    CUPE endorses the PRIDE parade while the pro-hamas groups are in it and that the TNT naked males expose a frontal nudity knowing children are around, this is also endorsed by the TDSB which is so funny because each group tries to clam they defend Family values and protect children but support child abuse and a Pro -hamas group during the PRIDE parade.

  • Alain

    The good ole communist, Sid. What more can I say.

  • Minicapt

    End the Rand!


  • Liberal Progressive

    The unions who are members of the OFL need to ante up the shortfall so the OFL can fight this unjust law that would open their books to their members and force secret ballots that would lead to election cheating.

    Without that money how will the OFL continue its social justice work to end the Nakba that created Israel, and to bring down capitalism?