RMC Apologizes For Salty Disapproval Of Cadets Forced To Listen To Professional Sex Assault Lecturer

The general in charge of Royal Military College apologized to an expert on sexual assault prevention for the “unprofessional behaviour” of the school’s cadets, including “several incidents that could constitute harassment,” after she was invited to address the military’s future leaders last fall.

Brig.-Gen. Al Meinzinger sent a formal written apology to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres in February, five months after its Governor General’s Award-winning educator Julie Lalonde complained about being whistled at, cat-called, laughed at and openly disrespected by officer cadets she had been invited to speak to.

Lalonde says cadets at the four Saturday talks she delivered at the military college in Kingston, Ont., were the most hostile audiences she’d had in a career of speaking about sexual assault prevention.

Good for them.

  • c w

    I have two family friends (women) who graduated in the last decade from RMC. When I asked them about this kind of stupidity with civilian political hacks giving advice, they scoffed and said they would disregard her also. The General has just been caught peeing in his diaper, time for retirement Sir.

    • What did they expect? They made them give up a weekend to listen to some silly SJW.

      • Alain

        Exactly, people are getting fed up with being bombarded with invented crisis and being lectured by the usual so-called experts. Young people in general do not have a lot of tolerance for it, especially the constant lie about “rape culture” etc.

  • mobuyus

    I am proud of these future up and coming officer corps. You come around me pre-blaming me for stuff I will never do you’ll get a good old fashioned punch to the face, and a swift kick to your fat ass.

  • The__Hammer

    Ugh, I saw this on CBC news last night

    • mobuyus

      Were you being punished for something?

      • DD_Austin

        It was self abuse or the remotes broken

    • ntt1

      mansbridge really intoned that bit about future leaders… I see he is seated again .does that mean he only has to dress from the waist up again ? at only 80 Grande a year a guy has to economise where he can.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    As punishment, the cadets will be forced walk a mile in red high heels.

  • ntt1

    It is encouraging that our future military leaders are not easily swayed by an intolerant feminist prig. It is way past time this woman and the sexist ideology she represents are given the hostility they are due. She is shocked in that her politically correct rubbish was refused. good I hope she gets used to it.

    • mobuyus

      This is the only industry these parasites are capable of. Twenty years ago she would have been just another welfare bum.

  • DD_Austin

    News flash:

    Diversity hire invites femnazi to waste students weekend with leftist bitch lecture
    Attendance mandatory Audience is reported “hostile”

    Good way to make sure nobody will ever volunteers to defend this governments existence in the future. (or the present), I know I wouldn’t, you want to defend
    the Canadian people join the IDF not the canadian armed bureaucrats.

  • WalterBannon

    Good to see that they responded properly to this Marxist indoctrination attempt, and General Meinzinger should probably be fired.

  • canminuteman

    I am glad to here that. It gives me a bit of faith in our future officer corps.

  • Maxsteele

    I know first hand what happened at this “briefing”. Lalonde purposely used insulting and offensive language when referring to all male cadets as rapists and all female cadets as victims. Some of the most vocal cadets at these briefings were female who took huge offense to Lalonde painting them all as victims. Any male in the audience that asked any questions or voiced any concerns for being painted as a rapist was quickly and violently put down by Lalonde as being a male who is either a rapist or enjoys furthering a rape culture.
    I think she used this language in her briefing to purposely get the reaction that she did. The fact that she claims she needed an escort to her car afterwards is ridiculous.
    Why the director of cadets hired this wack job to brief the cadets in the first place is beyond me. There are social workers and experts on this topic that are members of the military and they were the ones who hosted the follow up briefings afterwards.
    The commandant made a huge mistake writing that letter as now this vehement mysandrist can use it to justify all her wild lies and fantasies about what actually transpired on that day.

    • Alain

      Having worked for the federal government this description of events sounds far too familiar.

    • k

      I think we need lessons on HONESTY right from kindergarten to grade 12!
      That’s AWFUL calling all men rapists!

  • Clink9

    The worst crime for a fembot nazi is not being allowed to talk. I would love to see a video of that lecture.

  • The fags and the Marxist feminazis won’t sit still until they disband the Canadian army.