RMC Apologizes For Salty Disapproval Of Cadets Forced To Listen To Professional Sex Assault Lecturer

The general in charge of Royal Military College apologized to an expert on sexual assault prevention for the “unprofessional behaviour” of the school’s cadets, including “several incidents that could constitute harassment,” after she was invited to address the military’s future leaders last fall.

Brig.-Gen. Al Meinzinger sent a formal written apology to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres in February, five months after its Governor General’s Award-winning educator Julie Lalonde complained about being whistled at, cat-called, laughed at and openly disrespected by officer cadets she had been invited to speak to.

Lalonde says cadets at the four Saturday talks she delivered at the military college in Kingston, Ont., were the most hostile audiences she’d had in a career of speaking about sexual assault prevention.

Good for them.