Osama bin Laden Would Not Have Taken Ramadi

The new trove of bin Laden documents reveals just how different al Qaeda and the Islamic State really are.

“Please remind the brothers in Somalia to be compassionate with the people and remind them of the Hadiths on this.” That’s Osama bin Laden writing in 2007 to his operational commander about al Qaeda’s murderous affiliate in Somalia, urging them to be more gentle in waging jihad and to focus on the real enemy: the United States. “Please talk to the Somali brothers about reducing the harm to Muslims at Bakarah Market [in Mogadishu] as result of attacking the headquarters of the African forces.”

That letter is part of a tranche of documents released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Wednesday, and it illustrates the emerging divide between al Qaeda, the old school of the jihadi movement, and the new school upstarts, the Islamic State.

  • tom_billesley

    By “he had his good points” releases such as this, is the US administration getting ready to justify sending arms to al-Qaeda associates in Syria such as al-Nusrah Front?

  • HalcyonDaze

    I never knew that scum sucking terrorist was such a humanitarian. LOL The current administration seems to be hell bent on trying to mitigate the fact that he was an evil hate filled bastard with no regard for human life or compassion by comparing him to ISIS who’s depravities are legend. But, the truth is that evil is evil and no amount of rhetoric is ever going to change that fact.

  • ntt1

    Go back a few years and a governmental rehabilitation of a monster like bin laden would have been laughed at , yet here we are with a soviet style rehabilitation being run by the media and guided by a muslim leaning government.

  • Frau Katze

    The Taliban in pre-9/11 Afghanistan were just as bad as Islamic State.

    And bin Laden was living there quite happily.

    • El Martyachi

      But the Taliban themselves were a containable problem. It was who they were hosting that really cooked things off. Related and fresh off the press:

      America’s Top Five Mistakes in Iraq

      May 22, 2015

      The fall of Ramadi to the fanatical forces of the Islamic State, a big strategic win for the insurgents, has concentrated minds about just how badly things have gone in Iraq for the last dozen years, since American forces annihilated Saddam Hussein’s Ba’thist regime. As at Mosul last year, small numbers of Da’ish mujahidin in Anbar have pushed away far greater numbers of Iraqi troops like a wet rag. An Islamic State drive on Baghdad now seems a question of when, not if.

      President Obama continues to engage in public denial, and his incantation that he doesn’t “think” we’re losing in Iraq does not inspire confidence that a much-needed strategic reassessment is taking place inside the White House. To be fair, American policies towards Iraq since 2003 have been one huge trillion-dollar escapism, with many sub-varieties, but Obama’s unwillingness to admit there’s a big problem at hand smacks of his predecessor’s escapism in 2004-06 about just how badly things were going in that troubled country.

  • Martin B

    Osama says “don’t kill so many Muslims, slaughter more infidels” and infidels want to give him a gold medal for compassion. Pathetic.