Islamic State continues eastwards in Iraq; seizes border crossing in Syria; release media from Palmyra

Photo allegedly from Palmyra (possibly the prison). More here.

The Islamic State continued its eastward push from Ramadi in an effort to break Iraqi military forces and Iranian-backed Shiite militias who are gathering at Habbaniyah for a counteroffensive.

Iraqi forces established a defensive line outside of Habbaniyah after they were routed in Ramadi.

And today, according to Iraqi police and tribal officials, that defensive line has been breached…

Map-east-of-RamadiMap showing east of Ramadi

From Palmyra: In the wake of the capture of the city of Palmyra (known in Arabic as Tadmur), the Islamic State has begun releasing media from the region, including photos of executions in the city and two videos from the area.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Islamic State has executed “no less than 17 people in Tadmur city.” Those executed, according to the SOHR, included National Defense Force personnel, Syrian Army soldiers, and locals whom the Islamic State accused of working with the regime. Photos have emerged that seem to confirm this reporting, though the images have not been released from official Islamic State channels and cannot be independently verified. The photos show roughly seven beheaded bodies laying in a street in the city and are too graphic to publish.

Islamic State in Tadmur (Palmyra), Syria

Finally: Islamic State seizes Syrian side of Al Waleed border crossing with Iraq