‘Is this white enough for you?’ Two Amsterdam primary schools facing closure plead for white students…

Two Amsterdam primary schools with predominantly ethnic minority pupils on Friday launch a campaign for more white children to attend, using provocative t-shirts. The schools, one in the

Rivierenbuurt and one in the trendy Pijp district, have decided to draw attention to their plight by ‘going white’ for the day. Pupils will wear t-shirts with the slogan ‘is this white enough for you?’ and parents and teachers will also wear white clothing, the Parool reports.

The schools are both facing closure because of falling pupil numbers and say their pupil population does not represent the make-up of their localities. If more white children sign up, the schools will be able to stay open and have a better mix of pupils.

I suspect there’s a reason for this unofficial segregation.


  • Alain

    Nothing like remaining stuck on colour. Good parents whatever the colour do not want to send their children to a school where their safety and very lives are at risk in a hostile environment.

    • My brother moved to ensure his daughter got into a better high school. The previous local is a drug ridden crap hole.

      • Alain


  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam.

  • Hard Little Machine

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho

  • Gary

    You reap what your sow.
    These self-segregating bigots pour into Nations in droves only to parachute into the existing Ghetto ( for their kind) that grow like a Cancer and dominate the area while calling others the racists.


    I live in a mostly upper class White area and recently a non-white person around 20 moved into a Bachelor Unit of a house down from me two years ago
    because they wanted to get out of the Carribean black ghetto in Toronto they grew up in.
    It wasn’t about racism and self-hatred, seems like the majority of Humans in general want more out of life and dislike lazy unproductive people that drag them down .
    Sadly , if you’re not the correct colour to opine on how you wouldn’t move to a place like that , you’re the racist even when the people in that Neighbourhood want to get out .

    • Toronto is becoming increasingly segregated.

      I call it the Apartheid Annex syndrome.

      • Justin St.Denis

        It is becoming more segregated in some ways, but less racially segregated. I think the heightened cultural segregation we are seeing is a by-product of muslim immigration.

    • Justin St.Denis

      My elder son is married to a Jamaican immigrant. Her incredible parents – a reverend/educator father and doctor mother – are of mixed Scottish and African descent, and knew the darker side of the immigration experience. My daughter-in-law Althea (not her real name), employed in a biological research facility, is accustomed to being the only racial minority person in the room. But she admits she never actually thinks of color/race very much. She does, however, note cultural differences a lot more than her colleagues. She is very proud of her Caribbean background and identity. Her parents ensured that the “ghetto experience” remained an academic one for her.

  • Tyler

    Oh no thanks. Its bad enough having third world students..

  • Tyler

    We need apartheid. I’m not having my white daughter mixing with riff raff third world ers because of human rights.