Indonesia condemn Australia for refusing to help the refugee crisis

The Indonesian government has condemned Australia’s refusal to help resettle any of the thousands of asylum seekers displaced in South East Asia’s refugee crisis, provoking further diplomatic tension.

Indonesia and Malaysia are reaching out to the international community after being flooded with Rohingya asylum seekers fleeing their home in fear of religious persecution.

However, Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared Australian will not assist any of the migrants caught up in South East Asia’s refugee crisis with a resounding ‘nope’.

‘Nope, nope, nope. We have a very clear refugee and humanitarian program,’ Mr Abbott said on Thursday…

This is another non-crisis: it is on-going. Unlike the Buddhists and other groups in Myanmar, the Muslims are multiplying like rabbits. And no one wants them. And they seem to have no plans to join the rest of the world in giving up huge families.  

Lawmakers in Myanmar have suggested legislating family size limits, only for various idiots worldwide to screech “that would be violating their human rights.”   Those idiots can take them into their neighbourhoods.