Globe and Mail Opiner Sheema Khan Says That for Canadian Muslims, Omar Khadr’s Release Is “Bittersweet”

Sheema Khan

The purported bittersweetness is not a function of Muslims’ embarrassment over Omar and his jihadi mishpachah. No, the oxymoronic feeling has more to do, apparently, with their anger over our prime minister’s inbred “racism”:

The release of Mr. Khadr is bittersweet for Canadian Muslims. Many were touched by the young man’s modesty and warmth. His words were genuine – much like his smile. He seemed truly grateful for the freedom so long denied, for the support of so many, for the chance to start his life anew. He expressed remorse for the pain he caused. No hint of bitterness. Only the desire to complete his education, with hopes of entering health care – a field, he noted, rooted in compassion for those in pain. We should all be cautiously optimistic for Mr. Khadr’s reintegration into society

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  • Send her big Islamist ass to an Internment camp.

  • If that filthy Muslim piece of garbage becomes a doctor, he’ll be killing most of his patients. Maybe he could be appointed personal physician of Sheema and NCCM/CAIR-CAN.

    • Waffle

      Heaven help us — I think he has to pass his high school diploma first. But he’ll probably fit right in with the “professionals” working in today’s health care field — most (even the Canadian-educated ones) are barely literate.

    • Gary

      When CAIR was caught in 2009 funding hamas via the bogus islamic charity run out of Texas , she jumped ship to prentend she had noting to do with CAIR even when she used the CBC since 2001 to do dawah and crusade for Whahhabi Sharia Law in Canada in 2005.
      CAIR and Khan help Arar with his $400,000,000.00 extortion
      Lawfare suit against Canada for unproven Torture in his homeland of Syria when he told the CBC in 2003 he was tortured in JORDAN as repeated during the Arar Inquiry he never chowed up to give evidence.
      In 2006 Khan and CAIR used the Muslimfest event in Mississauga to coach muslims to donate their Zakat to the war efforts by Hizballah in Lebanon.
      Khan was smart, she told these useful idiots that the money was going to Orpahns and Widows caused by the illegal war . She was half right, they were orphans and widows but caused by their Suicide-bomber father and husband .
      Arar must have been a double agent and mole used by CSIS because nobody in the RCMP could be that stupid to not use the Internet as I did to find the facts to expose the lies by Maher and the charade Inquiry that didn’t look into Arar’s past after he fled Canada for Tunisia and got in trouble fleeing their too for the USA but was denied entry and only Jordan would let him on a return flight.
      The CRA can’t be that dense either to not see a Tax-fraud scam to extort money for fabricated Torture alleged to be caused by canada only to get $10.2 million TAX-free one day before the report exposes Arar’s lies .
      CAIR had standing at the inquiry , I petitioned it with evidence for Khan’s links to Nihad Awad and the list of Jew hating islamic groups.
      Nobody cared , it all looked like it was staged to get Maher in the next Jail cell in his homeland to the two alleged Terrorists also nabbed for ties to al-qaeda.

      Think about this, it was Omar Khadr that said he saw Maher Arar in an al-qaeda camp in Afghanistan , Arar had a second home in Boston near one of the 9/11 Airports used that day , the FBI was watching Arar for going to the al-qeada linked Boston mosque now tied to the radical Imam and Marathon bombers along with other terrorists being watched.
      Arar got $10.2 million for LIES, the CBC and RCMP don’t seem to care that someone alleged to have ties to terrorism – and is supported by CAIR which was caught funding hamas – manage to extort that money Tax-free by a $400 million lawsuit they settled for just the $10.2 million and then Omar Khadr fingers Arar as being in Afghanistan .
      Is there no Law or provision for people that get Tax-free money from the taxpayers by lies that allege Torture and deny links to terrorism but later on they are placed at an Terrorism training camp by Omar Khadr.
      They can’t both be liars since the CBC and CAIR paints them as innocent victims and the honest good muslims .
      The whole thing stinks because recently the Arar’s were upset that Canada wasn’t helping them getting the Travel Visa top ” Vacation” in Saudi Arabia which backs CAIR and used Khan to crusade for Whahhabism sharia Law in Canada.

  • Alain

    Reintegration into Canadian society is impossible when there never was any integration in the first place. Or perhaps Khan meant reintegration into terrorist society.

  • Maggat

    Christ I hate it when I have to leave off reading a post to go and chuff my cookies. This was one of those.

  • mobuyus

    So says the whore of Babylon.

  • Minicapt

    She desires to be possessed by the right hand?


    • Alain

      But I think she deserves the left hand, the toilette hand.

  • Morticiaa

    When I see this bitches smiley face, I just want to slap it
    Both sides hard till it stings
    What cows theses f. Ing extremist Islamics are
    A scourge

  • Barrington Minge

    A face that just yells out to be hit….

  • Petey

    Vomit …

  • Arnie, why was my comment deleted? Who had reported it? LOL.