Globe and Mail Opiner Sheema Khan Says That for Canadian Muslims, Omar Khadr’s Release Is “Bittersweet”

Sheema Khan

The purported bittersweetness is not a function of Muslims’ embarrassment over Omar and his jihadi mishpachah. No, the oxymoronic feeling has more to do, apparently, with their anger over our prime minister’s inbred “racism”:

The release of Mr. Khadr is bittersweet for Canadian Muslims. Many were touched by the young man’s modesty and warmth. His words were genuine – much like his smile. He seemed truly grateful for the freedom so long denied, for the support of so many, for the chance to start his life anew. He expressed remorse for the pain he caused. No hint of bitterness. Only the desire to complete his education, with hopes of entering health care – a field, he noted, rooted in compassion for those in pain. We should all be cautiously optimistic for Mr. Khadr’s reintegration into society

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