George W. Bush Didn’t Create ISIS; Islam Did

There are few things the Left loves more than a college liberal “speaking truth” to conservative power. Days ago, 19-year-old University of Nevada student Ivy Ziedrich seemed to enjoy just such a moment and “made headlines around the world” when she confronted Jeb Bush about ISIS.

Ms. Ziedrich had the gumption to confront Bush in the midst of a scrum of reporters and confidently recite leftist conventional wisdom about the current Middle East crisis, declaring: “Your brother created ISIS!”

After all, according to accepted academic conventional wisdom, the war in Iraq is the source of all (recent) jihadist evil.

And with that statement, the clock started running on 15 minutes of fame — no, 15 minutes of public adulation.

Interviews with ABC News, the New York Times, and other outlets followed, with reporters eager to hear her thoughts on the Middle East.

And while Ms. Ziedrich is no expert, there is one thing she said that is all too true: “It’s frustrating to see politicians ignore the origins of our conflicts abroad”…

It is not clear to me in hindsight that the Iraq 2003 intervention improved things…yet ultimately this is the fault of Arab society and Islam.  

The idea that the Middle East was a paradise pre-2003 is absurd.  Indeed, many people supported the intervention due to Saddam’s extreme brutality.

  • ISIS, like various other Islamist groups, was born of Islamism. Do these hacks even question the tenets that these groups adhere to?

    Even if Bush supplanted somewhat sane leadership after Hussein was executed, ISIS STILL would have been a problem. Obama has made it worse, either deliberately or because he is stupid- you make the call.

    • FactsWillOut

      ISIS, unlike other Islamist groups, uses weapons supplied by the US and NATO, in land supplied to them by the US and NATO.

      • And the Nazis seized everything that was left behind at Dunkirk.

        The Lend-Lease program enabled the former Soviet Union to grow and grow.

        Let’s split some more hairs.

        • FactsWillOut

          Yeah, NATO and GWB did it by accident.
          Incompetence or complicity, take your pick,

  • FactsWillOut

    GWB’s Iraq strategy was flawed from the get-go. One does not destroy all civil authority in order to depose a leader. Also, Saddam would have made a better ally than the Saudis, and the place would have been brighter if they had let Saddam take Kuwait in the first gulf war. Saddam was secular.
    Face it, our leaders are aligned with the bad guys. All of them.

    • Minicapt



    • Alain

      The flaw was that one could import democracy into a tribal society, and an Islamic one at that. The major error was allowing them in include Islam as the new state religion opening the door for sharia and Islamic rule. These errors were committed with the best of intentions, but as the saying goes the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.

  • wallyj180

    I don’tplug CBC shows very often, but “the Rise of Isis” by the ‘Passionate Eye’ group is worth watching.

    They conclude that it was not Bush but the other U.S. president that did the most to allow ISIS to flourish.

  • Everyone Else

    The canard at the heart of this is the question of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Popular mythology has it that if they were found, then the Iraq invasion was okay, but if not found, then it wasn’t. It’s presented like a historical version of Howie Mandel’s “Deal or No Deal”.

    However, everyone knew Saddam Hussein had used WMDs on his own people. If WMDs could justify the invasion, then simply the likelihood of them being found could justify the invasion. If WMDs were a sufficient worry then Bush did the right thing.

    However, if WMDs were a pretext for an invasion desired for other purposes, then a better discussion is needed before concluding the invasion was (or was not) a mistake that should have been avoided.