Evening photos: Scenic shots of Alaska

Cordova, Alaska.

All photos by Tom Nothstine. His collection at National Geographic can be seen here.

Alaska-foggy-nightDark foggy night in the harbor.

Mummy-Island“Mummy Island.” Low tide on the Orca Inlet, Prince William Sound

Copper-Road-DeltaCopper Road Delta. (Slightly edited to straighten it out)

  • eMan14

    Nice pics… but the Dark Foggy Night one is really creepy. My imagination would run wild if I were to venture into that.

  • Kaye

    The arctic has always held an appeal for me – the thought of driving those endless kilometers of the McKenzie or Alaska highways, in the wild and tundra, with absolutely no one around…. Sigh. Maybe some day.

    Anyway, lovely photos as usual, Frau. Thank you for taking the time to find and post them; I always appreciate it (even if I don’t say so) and I’m sure others do.