Edmonton Councillor Suggests Never Publicly Talking About Terrorism Is Best Way To Deal With Terrorism

And for God’s sake don’t mention Islam…

Edmonton police discuss battle against terrorism

Following Tawfik’s presentation to the Edmonton Police Commission, Coun. Scott McKeen told police talking about anti-terrorism in Edmonton creates fear.

“There are members of one faith community in Edmonton that are very concerned about language and concerned about fears being raised in the mainstream community toward them and they’re already feeling that fear,” McKeen told reporters after the meeting.

McKeen said he thinks city police should not be speaking publicly about the counterterrorism strategy.

“Do the work. I’m not saying there is no threat, I’m saying going public with it could have more negative impact than anything else,” he said.


Note that local police services are now developing  anti-terrorism strategies. This is part of the ever rising cost of Islam to Canada.

A price tag that is well on its way to costing tax payers 2 Billion this year alone.

2 billion / 1 million = two thousand, think about it.