Canada to look into extradition of assassin Noor Chowdhury

This report dated February 17, 2015. There is no more recent news (that I can find). A commenter  asked that we publicize this case. Why are we are dumping ground for foreign criminals?

Foreign Secretary Md Shahidul Haque raised the issue with Canada’s Senior Associate Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Peter Boehm in an official meeting in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Boehm said the Canadian government would “look into this with due seriousness”, the foreign ministry said.

The foreign secretary held a series of meetings at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada, and discussed all aspects of bilateral relations between the two countries during his official visit to Ottawa on Tuesday.

Bangladesh has requested Canada several times to extradite Noor Chowdhury, but Ottawa turned down the request citing legal limitation…

Canadian legal system does not allow deportation of any foreign citizen who might face death penalty in their home country.

A report from 2012 titled ‘Bangladesh assassin will stay in Canada, says MLA’ notes that “Chowdhury, a former Bangladeshi military officer, was convicted in absentia in the August 1975 killing of Rahman, who went on to become Bangladesh’s first president.”  

He apparently lives in Toronto. I know nothing else of the details of the case.