Will Justin Trudeau cut his ties to Jean Chretien?

Former Liberal PM Jean Chretien has rarely met a dictator he didn’t like. His new best friend is Vladimir Putin.

  • Waffle

    Follow the money. When this story broke a couple of weeks ago, I immediately smelled a rat — check out the connections among the uranium deal, Frank Giustra, M. Crouton and the international law firm he is now associated with (Dentons). Wheels within wheels and all that stuff . . .

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The United Russia party was elected in Russia, so it is hard to see how Putin is a dictator. We may not like Putin, but he was elected with a majority. The parties in Russia range from one that is catch-all centrist parties like Putin’s to communists, far-right nationalists and even the social democratic Fair Russia. So Russia has parties; they just don’t receive must coverage because Russia doesn’t have much press freedom. I can agree with that. Also, when the opposition is communist, it is hard to get a conservative party in there especially when the closest conservative party that is pro-West has no seats. Nemtsov was part of that party. He had no chance to be president let alone get a seat.

    • eMan14

      He acts like a dictator. But we can say that about many leaders.
      If Wikipedia is to be believed… the Presidential term is 6 years (as of 2008) and no President can server more than 2 consecutive terms. So I guess by 2024, we’ll find out where Putin stands. Assuming he wins his next election.

    • Minicapt

      Does Charlotte Street supply you with free Vodka, and is it the really cheap stuff?


  • David Murrell

    The problem is is that Jean Chretien, as Ezra states clearly here, does not support human or democratic rights. This is the core issue here. And one fears that Justin Trudeau does not support these two concepts either. Neither do their media allies, re the Toronto-based media cartel.

  • Nope.

  • Alain

    Will Justin cut his ties to Chretien? That depends on what his handlers decide and direct him to do.

  • Gary

    Nice touch in the video where Chretien includes a few Token White people. You’ll NEVER see the Hijab wearing women in a Liberal ad or video that has a Rainbow flag because Justin and Wynne know what the quran says about homosexuals and it’s not worth losing the Islamists vote by provoking them to have people infer islam supports gays.

    • JoKeR

      But Islam likes to elevate gays…

      to the tops of tall buildings…

  • JoKeR

    That’s a pretty bold statement against the former Prime Minister.

    Jean Chretien as has stood up for Canadians, like the time he made personal calls to the Pakistani representatives and pulled a lot of strings to get a Canadian out of a Pakistani jail on terrorism charges.

    That “Canadian’s” name was Ahmed Khadr, a good friend and fundraiser for Osama Bin Laden and father of Omar Khadr.

    So that proves Chretien does not only like dictators!

  • Who?