UK: Muslim Convicted Of Providing Equipment To ISIS

A 24-year-old Buckinghamshire man who entered into an arrangement to provide military equipment to Islamic State terrorists in Syria has been jailed.

Mohammed Saboor, of Burnham Close, High Wycombe, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of offering to provide a pair of ballistic eye goggles designed for the battlefield.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Humphrey, Head of the South East Counter Terrorism Unit, said: “Saboor entered into the agreement knowing fully what purpose the goggles would be used for.

“Terrorism and support of terrorism is not acceptable in any form.

  • Xavier

    Bad news for Bathhouse Barry.

  • eMan14

    But he was a nice guy.

  • RonG

    Seriously, safety glasses are now military equipment? That’s all they have on him?