The Rising Cost Of Islam: Harper Gives 150 Million Plus To Help RCMP & CBSA Keep Jihadis In Canada

“…Harper was in Montreal along with Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney to announce new resources for the Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP.

The RCMP will be receiving $150.36 million over five years starting in 2015-2016, and $46.79 million per year thereafter on an ongoing basis. The money will help support the RCMP’s investigations related to terrorism.

The CBSA will be receiving $5.4 million over five years starting in 2015-2016, and $1.1 million per year thereafter on an ongoing basis.

Harper said the new resources will help the CBSA stop “high-risk” travellers.”


Harper says that joining Jihad is a bad thing, so why does he want to keep them here?

Why are we being burdened with the ever rising costs of accommodating Islam?

  • Jay Currie

    Cargo plane a week….open the doors over Syria, rinse, repeat.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    This is where citizens need to start doing the math, seriously. Add up the costs directly attributable to Islam such as this specific program. Divide by the total population of Canada to get the cost borne by every citizen, or by the number of households to get the cost per household, etc. The simplest is probably the cost per household as you can probably get an average income per household statistic. You can then start to look at the average percentage of income being wasted on defense against Islam. Or you can presume that an average work year is 2080 hours and look at how much it is costing per hour out of your wages. I know this sounds boring but it is important to do. Why?
    Because $150M is an abstraction to the vast majority that will never touch a sum that large. But we can easily understand what it means to be losing $0.25 or $1.00 per hour or whatever the numbers work out to.
    Since 9/11 in the USA – ~$1T over 15 years … 325M people = ~$205 per year … in average 4 person household = ~$800 per year = ~$0.40 per hour … FOREVER unless we change something.

    • Actually the true cost is likely well over Billion a year.

  • Gary

    So, with just 1,000,000 muslin in canada they are costing $150.00 each per year from the Quranic inspired Jihad, but with the high number of muslims on welfare in government housing with Free Health Care too it will be just a matter of time before they make every Muslim a burden on Society.
    Muslims will no longer be able to pay enough taxes to cover the Security costs for the Bad Apples among them .
    But don’t worry , Justin will tour the Mosques and tell them about how THEY built Canada and are productive with the highest Education and Lowest Unemployment rates.

    • Actually the cost is much higher than that. You have to factor in all the money spent by CSBA, CSIS, CSE, local police forces, special federal and provincial programs like the feds run – “Dear Muslims, Please don’t kill your women it’s icky”.

      Then add in the cost of Military and humanitarian adventures in the ME – and make no mistake we’re there because of Islam.

      Oh and that 150 Million for the RCMP is additional funding to what they already spend on Islam.

      When you add it all up I bet it’s well over a Billion a year.

      • Censored_EG

        Islam = the religion of dollars and cents. And peace.

        • Islam the Religion of Crippling Societal And Financial Costs.

          • FactsWillOut


            Stateism is the religion of Crippling Societal And Financial Costs.

            They just use Islam.

          • WalterBannon

            Islam, the Religion in need of a genocidal response

      • Gary

        Thanks to islam and the silent ” Moderate”‘ muslims I now have to get a Passport to enter the USA , add that to the Borders now having to be secured because Canada stopped being a Nation of Law abiding Citizens raised by parents born here to pass on those values.
        Today , Canada is like a Hotel for far too many new comers that want to take over an entire floor to feel like there’re back home among their kind.
        They bill the Hotel for Health Care and the Birth of their children, they also get free education for their kids and they can import their Parents and Grand Parents to stay at the Hotel for Free health care too.
        Employees at the Hotel and the Share Holders are laughed at by the guests as suckers for working and paying taxes while paying Rent or a Mortgage for their dwellings.
        The Politicians come by the Hotel pre-election to get votes by offering more FREE stuff to guests while telling the Hotel to just borrow more money to add the the debt , some guests use their children to be Terrorists for their cause back home because if they get in trouble or injured they can bring them back to the Hotel which pays the Legal bills.
        If the Hotel doesn’t rescue their POS terrorist child fast enough they just get Legal Aid and launch an Extortion Lawsuit against it knowing the Politicians will force the Hotel to pay several $million’s to keep the peace among the guests to get their votes one day.

        Here’s what really annoys me .
        In the 70’s I didn’t get a high paying job at Hydro
        from the nepotism when the employee friend told me it was filled by the child of some Manager , I didn’t get hired as a Cop because I was just 1/2 inch too short , then I didn’t get a Job for the Government in Ontario because HR said they were hiring Women and immigrants, by 1980 after the Carribean invasion when people found out they could come here for social services by the British Subject clause as non-immigrants for full rights as Citizens, the TTC wanted to hire me but said they were Hiring Blacks and immigrants( as if suddenly Blacks were new to canada). Then came the Quota’s for refugees and any group with gripe in the 1990’s , suddenly I’m seeing the Diversity issue and down-sizing cause my employer of 20 year to give me the boot, this while the TTC and Police give preference to even the mini-Cops as the TTC finds jobs for Diversity people because the Union would let 100’s of Canadian background senior workers be let go to hire Ahmed and Jihad Jane or Juan from Mexico .

        Do I sound bitter, well , my Father is aboriginal and lived through the 1930’s bigotry but still served in WW2 for the British and he tolerated lots of crap and did better than him as did his other kids too.
        The non-citizens and bogus fraudster Refugees have the NDP and Public Unions on their said to bash white Canadians as oppressors and evil Racists. I’m still at the back of the bus while Abdul from Somalia is driving and if there is trouble a Cop car shows up with dwarfs in adult uniforms with rainbow buttons or Hijabs .
        The wealthy white Politicians act as if racism suddenly erupted in 2005 along with islamophobia while our Citizens youths ( yutes) found drugs and now sell them while owning illegal guns.

        It’s nice that Toronto’s Police Chief is Black and Jamaican background which his community praises as a success story to break though the racism barrier .
        But all they have done is just joined the other racists that walk by the drunken pathetic natives begging for money that are always an issue for someone else as they toss a Loonie at them to feel good.
        Some day the Police Chief will actually be a Chief of Canadians background , but they didn’t lower the Standard for me in the 1970’s because I’m from North American background and only non-white minorities new to Canada are Victims of racism.

        Today it’s trans-gender and off-leash Doggy parks that are the flavour of the month .

    • Cheryl

      I thought we have 1.5 million Muslims in Canada? If half of them are on welfare we are in very big trouble. They did not help build Canada and you are right that if Trudeau is elected that is exactly what he will say. As far as I am concerned not one of those running for PM know what they are doing, and if they continue with mass immigration and refugees which of most will never assimilate that will be the end of Canada and that is truly a shame.

  • Martin B

    I would be OK with spending $$$ to keep them here IF that money was used to build an internment camp on Axel Heiberg Island surrounded by hungry polar bears.

    • Alain

      I would also provided that Canada would install the policy for both immigrants and “refugees” that No Muslim need apply.

  • CruisingTroll

    Identify them. Let them go. Shoot them if they attempt to return. Identify anybody who supports them. Bury their supporters.

  • Lest I point out again the moral dilemma of allowing jihadis to travel to Syria just so they can rape girls.

    I must sound like a broken record but it’s an important point.

    One did point out let potential jihadis fly to Syria only for them to -ahem- “fall” out of the airplane en route.

    • They want to be sadistic killers for Allah.

      • They can be ground splats for Allah.

        Just saying.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Every jihadi can become a St. Pancake! Too cool.

  • FactsWillOut

    Harper is just as much as enemy as Mulcair or Trudeau. The differences are insignificant. He has until the end of his mandate to get rid of the restricted and prohibited class of firearms, as far as I am concerned.

    • Alain

      Sorry but I must disagree in spite of how I disagree with several things with this government. As disappointing as this government is, the alternative will be far worst when it comes to the Muslim problem and many others.

  • WalterBannon

    Let them leave, then cancel
    their citizenship.

    or better yet, take them out in the woods and bury them in shallow graves. now that is worth paying taxes for.

    • Cheryl

      I agree 100%. This is costing taxpayers way too much money and like the idea, let them leave and shoot them if they come back with no questions asked. When will the government of Canada ever grow a pair and make the right decisions.

  • cmh

    seriously, why doesn’t someone call harpers office and ask his secretary why?