Should Israel Take Obama’s Iran Payoff?

For months, President Obama has been trying to find a way to silence Israeli objections to a nuclear deal with Iran. Up until now, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been adamant in his opposition to what he and many Americans feel is an effort to appease the Islamist regime that will have catastrophic consequences for the security of both the United States and Israel. But, if reports are correct, the Israeli government is preparing to make the best of an awful situation by accepting a massive military assistance package from the U.S. in exchange for what an unnamed senior administration official describes as “some quiet from the Israelis.” While it can be argued that expediency demands that Netanyahu seek to get what help from the Americans that he can, with the outcome of the nuclear negotiations still hanging in the balance, this isn’t the moment for the Israelis to go into the tank for Obama on Iran.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Both sides are denying the two are linked.

  • Obama’s long term legacy in the Middle East will be massive bloodshed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    As long as Obastard doesn’t place pre conditions on their use, yes. They will be useful in exterminating Hezbollah commanders underground and Hamas tunnels.

  • Why would Obama give Israel the means to blow Iran out of the water?