Rubio doctrine offers reversal of Obama’s dithering

The Rubio doctrine stands in stark contrast to the dithering and disengagment we’ve seen from Obama. He offers a muscular foreign policy based on moral clarity. He’s set the bar pretty high for next year’s presidential race

United States Senator Marco Rubio’s recent appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) probably could not have gone any better. During his prepared remarks and the Q and A with Charlie Rose, he came across as confident, smooth and well-versed in foreign affairs.

Rubio has obviously benefitted from his time spent on the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees. And it’s not just the knowledge he displayed across a wide range of issues.

As others have mentioned, one gets the sense that he really cares about foreign policy; that he has a sincere interest in matters ranging from U.S. – Latin America relations to the Islamic State to Chinese aggression in the East and South China Seas.