Police do not have legal powers to stop anti-Jewish demo planned in Golders Green

Police are unable to stop an anti-Jewish rally scheduled for a holy day in one of London’s biggest Jewish communities.

Far-right groups are planning the event in Golders Green on a Saturday – the Jewish Sabbath – in July.

But if the demo is static then Scotland Yard has no power to prevent it.

Police said they were “speaking to the organiser of the protest to understand what their plans are,” but could not disclose who the organiser was or how large the rally was expected to be.

The demo has been linked to a badly-attended rally opposing the Shomrim Jewish neighbourhood watch group in Stamford Hill on April 18.

A video of that event, organised by breakaway fascist Eddy Stamton, concludes with the announcement: “The next demo against the Shomrim ‘police’ will be in Golders Green very soon.”

  • no4

    This is just like the Illinois Nazi story you ran the other day.
    These mugs will be lucky to get 50 people to turn up.
    If only I had a black and white 74 Monaco…
    Gruppenfuhrer Stanton is on the left

  • Raymond Cameron

    Planning an anti-islam demo? Police will stop you as soon as you start thinking about it.

    • Frau Katze


  • Hard Little Machine

    When the Nazis show up, kill them. Hunt them down and kill them all, then kill their families.

  • Xavier

    They do have the power, however, to stop any pro-Israel rally that might be scheduled – can’t let you-know-who be offended.

    • Frau Katze

      They’re selective that way.