French high school student threatened over school newspaper issue about Charlie Hebdo attack

PARIS (AP) — Teachers, parents and media freedom activists are urging police action after death threats against a French teenager over a school newspaper issue about the extremist attack against satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

The 17-year-old student, chief editor of the paper at the Marcelin Berthelot school in the Paris suburb of Saint-Maur des Fosses, received seven threats, according to Reporters Without Borders. They included letters sent with bullets and swastikas, some sent to his home, others left in his school locker.

The special issue included essays and poems about the Charlie Hebdo attack Jan. 7. The father of a student at the school was among the 12 killed.

The school’s teachers threatened to stop work, expressing concern that police aren’t doing enough to protect the school or stop the threats.


Here’s a more detailed report:

Protesters rally in France after student threatened over Charlie Hebdo tribute

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