Declassified bin Laden documents: 10 things we learned

The US government released hundreds of documents on Wednesday that were recovered from the compound in which Osama bin Laden was killed. Here is what we learned from them:

1. There was an application form for Jihad

  • Hard Little Machine

    So he could run for Congress in the US on any Democratic party ticket.

  • “His pornography collection remains classified” – Obama’s henchmen do not want to blacken Osama’s reputation. What, reveal that this Muslim saint was a pervert through and through? Can’t do that, it would weaken the enemy’s image.

    • tom_billesley

      It’s really just to protect the identity of the goats, who were underaged.

  • 10. His pornography collection remains classified.

    WTF. Classified? Why?

    This clown is an inspiration for murder and mayhem, why are we going out of our way to save his “reputation”.

    The wana-be jihadis need to know their “spiritual leader” is just a religious sexual hypocrite.

    Why the hell are we saving his reputation.

    More Obama directives. Can’t make Islam look bad.