What is “Resilience” and why is it the cure for Jihadi youth?

Why is it that some young people are susceptible to the siren call of jihad while others are not? That’s a question that’s engaging a slew of experts, two of whom share their “insights” with us in an Op-Ed piece in the National Post. Michael Ungar and Amaranth Amarasingam claim that the way to go is by studying and implementing “resilience.”

What the heck is that?

Well, apparently, “resilience” is the au courant buzzword certain “experts” use when they want to explore the roots of radicalization without having to delve too deeply – or, indeed, at all – in all that messy jihad/Islamic supremacism stuff. In so doing, they can set up the problem in such a way as to absolve Islamic theology and those who purvey it, and proffer a specific “cure” – inculcating “resilience” in young people – that is bound to keep these “experts” employed and in great demand for the foreseeable future.