Tunisia attack suspect ‘came to Italy by boat’

A Moroccan man suspected of being involved in the March attack on the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, which killed 21 tourists, arrived in Italy by boat, police said on Wednesday.

Abdel Majid Touil, 22, was arrested on an international warrant by Italy’s anti-terrorism Digos police in the northern town of Gaggiano, officers told a press conference…

…The news that the suspect had snuck into Italy by boat sparked an immediate outcry among right-wing politicians, with the head of the anti-immigration Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, calling for the Schengen agreement allowing free movement between most continental European states to be suspended.

“Libyan intelligence says boats are arriving with Islamic State terrorists.

Today in my Milan a North African was arrested for involvement in the Tunisian massacre. Close the borders before it’s too late,” Salvini told Italian media…

  • Gary

    It looks like the NDP and Liberals in Canada are in denial for the islamic jihadists because they still can’t see a Pattern from the 1000’s of devout , Quran carrying , mosque going , young , jew-hating , muslim males praising allah and muhamed as they behead people.
    Lib Senator Grant Mitchell mocked Tarek Fatah when he spoke about islam and the Jihadist threat in Canada by radical imams .
    Liberal leftist progressives and rainbow groups along with feminists will be the first ones killed off under sharia law.

    So to some, it’s not ALL bad news.