The White House Deploys Spin and Denial in Response to Setbacks in Iraq

If you’re getting the impression that the White House sees the latest ISIS advances in Iraq culminating in the fall of Ramadi as a political setback rather than a strategic nightmare, you’re not alone.

“Ramadi has been contested over the last 18 months. We’ve always known the fight against ISIS would be long and difficult, particularly in Anbar Province,” White House Deputy Press Sec. Eric Shultz conceded on Monday. “There’s no denying that this is, indeed, a setback.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    My question to Shultz is, “How can a loser ever win?”

  • David Murrell

    Great Commentary article. Channel surfing onto CNN News, it’s funny listening to the pro-Obama hosts tying themselves into knots, in interviews with pro-Obama military analysts, trying to paint the Iraqi army losses into something that points to victories in the future. It is funny watching this pro-Democratic party propaganda. One can only shake one’s head and roll one’s eyes.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Other than THAT, Mrs. Kennedy, how was the motorcade?