Richmond Hill votes against singing O Canada

David Menzies of travels to Richmond HIll, Ontario to investigate reports that their city council’s legal advisors told them not to sing “O Canada.”

  • eMan14

    This really is quite ridiculous. And not just in this country. Where in some places the national flag was thought to be contentious. The St. George cross on the Union Jack would incite anger from the Muslim community.
    This politically correct crap has to stop. And removing politically correct bureaucrats and other civic, provincial, and federal officials who drink from the same politically correct poison would be a start.
    Common sense does make appearances, but not near often enough.

    • There really is a Fifth Column, and they are embedded deeply within our institutions.

      • just a thought

        Unfortunately, they are at least as vocal as they are a minority.

        I wonder of observing a moment of silence would work, …oh, wait, these are politicians. Nevermind.

  • DMB

    They are trying to appeal to immigrants in the name of multiculturalism and diversity were people celebrate there ethnic backgrounds from countries all over the world except for the celebration of being Canadian. Vote whoring politicians with no spine and backbone.

  • Denis George Miller

    so a bunch of citizens show up at the start of the meeting, stand up and sing “O Canada”. What are they going to do?

  • ntt1

    Why are we funding the supremely progressive court again?

  • Edubeat

    Perhaps they should declare themselves Quebec separatistes. They don’t kie it either — but they love the Feds transfer payments,