Muslims held for stalking Charlie Hebdo chief

Two men, one with links to Islamic extremism, have been questioned by police after they were reported to have been watching the home of one of the surviving members of Charlie Hebdo staff.

Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau, the publishing director of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, has been living under police protection ever since the January terror attacks in Paris.

He escaped the massacre with a bullet wound to the shoulder, while 12 people around him were shot dead.

Earlier this month, witnesses reported seeing a man on a scooter taking pictures of the Frenchman’s home, and the next day, another man with another scooter was reportedly seen doing the same.

  • Islam is nothing more than numbers gone bad.

    With 10% of the French population now Muslim, the French have almost lost control over even its most famous city- Paris.

    When the French Muslim population reaches 20% does anyone believe the Muslim population will be better assimilated?

    The tipping point is near. Civil war is on the event horizon.

    PC BS can’t stop Islamic reality.

  • Achmed

    These 2 men were intimidated and persecuted by the police even though they have not comitted any crimes.

    It is a clear case of Islamophobia and they should be suing the police force in the EU’s human rights court!

  • Frau Katze

    I’m shocked…not.

  • cmh

    i predict they will get him