Michael Coren converts, Michael Coren complains

And Coren will be interesting even if he tires of Anglicanism and opts for Deepak Chopra-ism or, more exotically, Islam, though the latter would likely require him to stop selling his latest book, Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity. Coren converting is a God-bites-man story. It happens.



  • andycanuck

    Colby Cosh had similar sentiments to Fr. De Souza’s when Coren converted to R.C. from Evangelical:

    • Well it’s really not a concern of mine which faith he chooses, it’s just silly he would turn on former friends.

      • Frau Katze

        Yes, that’s what bothers me. Seems like a guy who changes his mind a lot.

    • Deja vu all over again.

  • ontario john

    Well at least in the Anglican Church he can believe in anything he wants or nothing at all.Sort of like a fancied up united church.

  • David Murrell

    Excellent op-ed by Father de Souza. The Father is a fine, clear writer — and hits Coren in a fair, even-handed manner, but he criticizes him hard for his dishonesty.

    Another tale about Mr. Coren. In the old days, in the mid-1980s and early 1990s, I subscribed to the old FRANK magazine. Then it was a go-to mag by small-c conservatives and leftists, since the gossip rag attacked the establishment media, business and government with reckless abandon. I was one of the few subscribers living in New Brunswick, and during that period I leaked this and that to FRANK, about anything to do with New Brunswick. I was on the phone with the editor one or twice a year during that time.

    Anyways, Michael Coren ghostwrote a column at the back of the magaizine, under a pseudonym (which name I forgot). Anyways, if was a funny column, but very — I mean VERY — off-colour. For example, he would attack establishment women using very offensive language. He would attack men in similar fashion. Upon leaving FRANK, FRANK magazine dishonestly “outed” him as the person writing the back-of-the-magazine column.

    But during the time Coren wrote the column, be was working for, I think, Vision TV, or with some other religious-affiliated media. The outing created some minor embarrassment for Coren, since the dominant, establishment media cartel ignored FRANK as much as possible. But the point I am raising is the dishonesty of Coren, working in the religious media as a Christian, but writing a scurrilous FRANK column at the same time. Mr. Coren writes good Christian books, but, really? Geeesh.

    • It’s my understanding that he is upset because he was, in his words “outed” by people for having attended an Anglican church for a year while still doing work for various Catholic organizations.

      • David Murrell

        Good point. Perhaps in the end Coren should be criticized for joining up with a left-liberal institution (Canada’s Anglican church), a church which in recent years is very anti-Israel and Islamist-sympathetic.

      • David

        I Guess georgie stephanopoulas is upset about the same thing.

      • He’ll have to return because he has written books. There’s that.

        He wore his religion on his sleeve. Did he think then that it should not be a topic of discussion?

    • Anon@inter.net

      Coren apparently wrote the “Aesthete” column for Frank magazine; I was unaware of who he was at the time but the column was hilarious. I do remember when Frank showed a picture of him in a piece where they made fun of him, I though “what an odd-looking man.”

      For some reason I still remember some line about “rolling Cuban cigars on the thighs of virgins”

      • “rolling Cuban cigars on the thighs of virgins”

        I want that job.

        • FactsWillOut

          There are no Cuban virgins.

          • Edubeat

            Or jihadist ones for that matter

    • El Martyachi

      The more I learn the more it looks like plain old professional detachment. The mistake may be ascribing anything more than paying the bills to his writing.

    • Edubeat

      There is still a Halifax Frank Magazine and like the late lamented SCTV I still miss the central Canuck edition “And how the critics rave!)

  • SDMatt

    Coren is following the theological path of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


    Still, it remains remarkable that Coren, universally admired as a straight-shooter, kept his conversion secret for more than a year. Publicly, he was still the great Catholic apologist, which gave added impact to his, inter alia, endorsement of Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum. He continued selling his Catholic books and accepting paid speaking engagements from Catholic audiences, not mentioning that he was no longer who he had presented himself to be.


    • That’s what he was upset about, people called him on it. The rest seems more an effort to ingratiate himself with the lefty media.

      Somehow I doubt it will do much good.

  • Hard Little Machine

    “Have you ever considered any of the other major religions, Ned, they’re all pretty much the same” – – – Rev Lovejoy

  • Maple Curtain

    Not a surprise. Coren always struck me as a man who lacked humility and was full of himself – lots of posturing signifying nothing other than that he was full of himself. Lacks self-knowledge, and sits in judgment on others, as Father de Sousa notes: the speck and the beam.

  • Your bed, Mr. Coren. You lie in it.

    Coren is sullen like a pouty adolescent. Not becoming of him.

    Father Raymond de Souza, spot-on.

  • DMB

    Michael Coren leaving the Catholic faith who had written the book “Why Catholic’s are right” and made a major issue of his faith is now upset that people are angry that he is not what he really claims to be since he is now an Anglican. What is more preposterous is he actually expected to get away with this with “clean hands” even after the “backstabbing” he did of now former friends such as Robert Spencer, former Sun TV and current Rebel staff, etc. It is not only the issue of his changed views on morality and him leaving the Catholic Church he has changed his views on all sorts of issues from abortion, man made climate change, Islam and his general political leaning with his embrace of the Kathleen Wynne government.

    When one has changed their views on so many critical issues and with a repeated history of it then individuals such as Michael Coren should no longer be writing opinion pieces in newspapers or any other media outlet since there is no more credibility amongst people like him. Michael Coren recent attack on Robert Spencer and the rebuttal made by Spencer pointing out the lack of consistency Michael Coren has on Islam will do irritable damage to Coren’s new book about Islam’s war on Christianity. That and also Michael Coren’s seems to be more concerned about gay’s in the west being denied a wedding cake from Christian bakers than Christians being persecuted in the middle east by Islam. Never mind the fact that ISIS is pushing gay’s off buildings to their death. There have been many blogs on BCF about Haroon Siddiqui and Heather Mallick but at least they are consistently stupid and wrong about major issues. Michael Coren is worse in the fact that he is trying to play all sides but in the end all sides will turn on him.

    • David Murrell

      Excellent points here, DMB.

      • DMB

        Michael Coren could have just stuck with the paid speaking tours, Christian based books which is what he did well at. Sure it was a niche market but he was able to make a decent living at it. However you are correct the really good paying jobs are with the left-leaning media cartel.

        • David Murrell

          Which leads one to admire the guts and honesty the gang at Rebel.media have. Here is a new, financially-vulnerable conservative outfit, speaking truth — yet there is not all that much (any?) corporate media supporting them.

          I admire Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley an awful lot, given the basic choice the have made striking out on their own, instead of following the left-wing cartel money.

  • kkruger71

    I’m an atheist, so I have no tribal allegiance with any of these groups, but I’ve had issues with Coren since the 90s, I think when he became an evangelical protestant. As de Souza says in the column, I also have no issue with people changing their minds. What I did have a problem with was that Coren changed his mind publicly many times over the years but always was so positive he had it right this time. Obviously I believe what I think is right, or else I wouldn’t think it. But there are very few things I am absolutely sure of, and Coren always presented whatever his opinion was as absolute fact, only giving an “I agree to disagree” type head-nod to those that didn’t share his take on things, and only then when they were reasonably close.

    • Well that book about Catholics will be in the remainder bin;)

    • Frances

      Did not know about the “Frank” episode but, if true, certainly diminishes the respect I had for Mr. Coren. An honourable person is not respectful to women under one name and then writing vile things about them using a pseudonym.

  • Frances

    Saw a comment somewhere to the effect that Mr Coren changed his views when a family member came out as gay. Any truth to that?

    • El Martyachi

      His “husband”?

  • Uncle_Waspy

    I knew Coren was a phony-baloney after hearing about his getting kicked out of The Friendly Greek restaurant back in 2003. According to solid sources, he repeatedly sent back his mint julep to the bar for insanely trivial reasons like “insufficient froth” and “slapdash parasol arrangement”.

    An morally preening opportunist, that guy. He should hook up with imaginary Nobel Prize winner Dr. Fraudpants (aka Michael E. Mann).

  • Paul

    Not sure what all the fuss is about Michael Coren changing his belief system, once again.

    He’s always been a neurotic Jew. 🙂

    I hope at the end of the day, he realizes it and fully embraces his conflicted conscientiousness in a manner that is in better keeping with the fundamental values of Judaism.

  • Micky C.

    Poor Michael. When the leftists won’t accept you for your conversion to CoE, next stop is what, Gretta Vosper and the West Hill United Church? When that doesn’t work you could always join Dawkins cult of militant anti-theism. You have been swayed by the world. I use to love your saying of, “I don’t look left, I don’t look right, I look up.” But nowadays I think you’re just naval gazing.

  • sanwin

    Sheesh, the man doth complain too much. He seems to have taken a page out of the muslim playbook with his perpetual victim-hood.

    BTW, he’s become thin skinned as well, just blocked me on Twitter.

  • Moren

    If this is a genuine change of heart, then good for him.

    But something tells me that there is more on this story. You know, after Sun News Network shut down and Sun newspapers stopped printing his articles, Michael Coren became irrelevant little man. Now he is trying to re-invent himself by attacking Catholics and conservatives.

  • mike

    I must have stumbled into a den of religious crack pots , hahaha what ever Coren did or will do is all the same to me and all other Atheists its still delusional wishful thinking , god is a figment of the imagination nothing else , your religion is an accident of birth , if we all lived in Afghanistan we would all be talking about him turning away from Islam , in china Shintoism, in India Sikhism, religions are geographical delusions nothing else , the world will be a better place when judgemental people like you start minding your own business.