Lollapalooza ’92

heatwaveI barely survived the Heatwave 

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Heatwave looks pretty interesting.
    Lollapalooza, not so much.

    • It was a great show. Of course I don’t exactly recall all of it.

      Except for Chrissy Hind in thigh high boots… that was worth venturing into the mosh pit for.

      We got off work at 1 pm, drank ourselves silly, drove out to Mosport smuggled our booze in, and weed of course.

      We still had our work identity badges with us, we almost, almost, made it into the VIP tent by flashing them when we encountered a security checkpoint.

      • Xavier

        Saw Chrissy headline in a very small venue with Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Replacements back in ’85. One of the few shows I remember because I was so broke I couldn’t get wasted. Distinctly remember her doing “Bad Boys Get Spanked” and SRV playing Voodoo Child with the guitar behind his back.

  • Doug Kursk

    As I recall, the Pretenders were booed off the stage

    • No way! Man I don’t remember that, and I was in the mosh pit, course I was near blind at that point.

      • ontario john

        Was Michael Coren there?

  • ontario john

    Speaking of heat waves, I’m glad Wynne is in Washington lecturing the Americans on global warming because I don’t know if I can take anymore of this heat in Ontario. She was also able to work in lecturing them on sex and meet with union leaders. Oh well, at least if she is down there she can’t do anymore damage up here.

    • Oh good for us.

    • mobuyus

      Don’t be too sure about that. The only reason she is down there is so she can do more damage up here.

      • Xavier

        A little tête-à-tête with Bathhouse Barry. Never hurts to go straight to the source. Well maybe “straight” isn’t the right word.

    • Xavier

      Today Obama gave a commencement speech and said The Great Climate Change Swindle was a national security issue.

      So I guess that’s going to be his angle for unilateral lawmaking. Again.