Everything you need to know about French bureaucracy

Want a BMW, an apartment, an expense account that is off the scale? Become a French bureaucrat and live the high-life. All in the name of social justice and art, you understand. Nice work if you can get it!

There’s a Terror Wing in the Moocher Hall of Fame, so I guess it stands to reason that I should create a French Wing of the Bureaucrat Hall of Fame.

After all, few nations can compete with France in the contest to over-tax and over-spend. And a lot of that spending goes to subsidize a bloated bureaucracy.

Moreover, I suspect many members of that bureaucracy work in jobs that shouldn’t exist and get wildly over-compensated.

Just last month, for instance, I honored one of those bureaucrats with membership in the Hall of Fame because she managed to squander an average of $145 of other people’s money on taxis each and every day (including weekends) even though she also had a taxpayer-provided car and chauffeur!

  • ontario john

    I bet they don’t have a shark expert like Canada though.

  • karra

    This is the beginning of the New World Order – no aspect of which is pleasant.

  • simus1

    In the government of France, a bureaucrat who is a sly crook completely blends in. An honest person on the other hand, is a danger to everyone.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is because public and private sector senior employees are typically compensated with non cash benefits to avoid taxes. Since taxes eat up everything they’re granted lavish non cash benefits including cars, homes, vacations, vacation homes, free school for children, drivers, nannies, cooks, and so on. This is the case in every EU state. In France it’s a bit more transparent because the public sector is so large and powerful.

  • tom_billesley
  • El Martyachi

    S’il vous plaît me louer.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If only Maupassant were around to write about this.