Copenhagen Police fire warning shot, arrest 4 of 25-30 “very violent” muslims

UPDATED: Four arrests made after police fired a warning shot at a group of “very violent people” on Wednesday.

Copenhagen Police arrested four men at the Islamic Society in Denmark (Det Islamiske Trossamfund) in the city’s Nordvest district on Wednesday following a clash in which officers fired warning shots at a group of rock-throwing youths.

A police spokesperson told Ritzau that police fired the warning after being confronted by “30-40 very violent people”.

“There was a patrol that had to fire warning shots because they felt that their lives were threatened. It was related to an attempt to approach some people in a car. Suddenly, a group of 30-40 very violent people came and threw rocks at the patrol,” Henrik Vedel from the Copenhagen Police said.

Inspector Rasmus Skovsgaard told Berlingske that the group was “25-30 men”.